I was so sure of myself. Down right righteous about it. We have hens for the eggs and when the time comes we'll eat them. I figured they'd at least be good for chicken soup. Now after only one year I have a meanie who might have to go. No problem, I thought. Soup pot for her. Then I checked out how one BYCer butchers his, with pictures, yikes, I just don't think I can do it. I feel like such a wimp. Okay, it was naive to think it could be done without so much blood and I didn't even consider where I'd put all those guts. But, gee, my mother-in-law and grandma used to do it all the time. See, I'm trying to talk myself into it even now. I've a reputation to uphold. Or, maybe, just maybe I can give it to someone else and call it a donation. For now, I'm praying for her to go through an attitude adjustment. So I'm off the hook for now. We'll see.