.::about me::.
im 14 years old
i love animals
i am addicted to turtles and now chickens lol
i live in california
i live in a town(a "sleepy town")
i go to high school and so far i HATE being at school.i tried asking my dad to be homeschool but didnt turn out well) and i dont like waking up early(i am not a morning person lol.But I was shock that now matter what I try sleeping early I’m still get all cranky and grumpy and still very sleepish. I think it rare for me to get up very early and full of energy.)
i spend a lot of my time at home spending my time with my pet and go on the internet.i dont go out as much.i dont like school activites(my mom tries to force me to do school activites but nope she aint getting her way haha)
i kinda do enjoy reading but im picky what it about.
i read some japanese comic books called "manga" i enjoy reading "pretty soldier sailor moon"
I am a big fan of "pretty soldier sailor moon". this story has a lot of relate of American super heroes except the drawing show lot of murders, sexual scenes and the book dosnt really aim for boys and girls but their male fans.