I plan on having chicks to sell in the early spring 2013. And I have random Serama at other times. Feel free to ask!
ASK ME [email protected]

I won't ship chicks under 4 months ALONE due to warmth and stress issues, glad to ship 2-4 together. I want my Serama to have an environment that is healthy and as safe for them as possible. I will be asking you questions if I do not know you.
BIrd prices vary according to age, sex, quality and feather type.
Shipping on most any 2-3 birds will be $55-$70, it depends on the weight of the birds and box and where they are going. This will INCLUDE the shipping box. SHIPPING WILL TAKE AT LEAST TWO NITES. I will mail on Monday afternoon late and most will be delivered on Wed, some will take until Thurs.
I have successfully shipped several boxes of birds in 2011 and 2012. They went from Missouri to NE Mo, Okla, Ga, Pacific NW, Michigan and Florida. I also may be able to drive to meet you with birds near the Springfield or Joplin Mo area.
Thanks! Ruth