YEH! 2 New silkie chicks hatched 20th June 2010 from 2nd broody hen....8 chicks now hatched 21st June 2010

(forgot how tiny they were when new born!)


1st chick from 2nd broody hen - 20th June 2010 2nd chick just hatched from 2nd broody hen - 20 June 2010

Here's some links for my videos on YouTube
2nd broody hen hatches first 7 chicks:-
3 week old chicks explore the run:-
Chick Sneezes! (@2:10mins)
To see the chicks first day out in the run click the link below:-
starting with my Silkie Hen feeding her 2 & 3 day old chicks:-

Silkie Chick 20 Apr 2010 - 1 day old Silkie Chick 21 Apr 2010 - Newly Hatched Silkie Chicks Hatched 21 Apr & 20 Apr 2010
I think this one is a female chick - 24 Apr 2010 I think this one is a male chick - 24 Apr 2010 I think one male (left) and one female (right)
Wait and see if I'm right! Autumn 2010 - WRONG! BOTH ARE MALE! Both cock-a-doodle-doing!

Silkie Broody Hen with her First Chick - 20.Apr 2010 Silke Hen Feeds Her Chicks Mashed Corn Silkie Broody Hen Gets Lunch In Bed
The turquoise mark is some anti-bacterial liquid spray* that has stained her feathers. We put it on on her when she was badly pecked by the rooster a few months back.
He got a bit carried away with his advances to her! Not all her feathers have grown back yet. (*oxytetracycline chlorhydrate with blue dye from the vet)
She's a strong girl and the friendliest, we separated her for while and she healed up well, so we put her back in with the others.
She soon got broody and we're over the moon with the outcome.

Bad Egg Exploded Under Broody Hen 4 Days after 2nd Chick Hatched - 25 Apr 2010
Around midday I went in to the coop to see how my chucks were getting on. It was quite warm and sunny out (24 degrees) nice and cosy in the coop for the chicks.
I took a little pot of fresh water to try and encourage them all to drink. Once the hen got the message she had a good drink, the chicks followed her lead.
Then all of a sudden "POH"! She looked as startled as I was! I lifted her off the eggs to investigate the noise and sure enough an egg had exploded!
I quickly scooped up all the remaining 7 eggs, including the one that exploded with wood shavings from around it and took it all out of the coop.
It smelt a bit but not as much as I expected.
(All eggs now removed - approx. day 25 so well past any chance of more hatching.)


Silkie Chicks - 6 days old & 5 days old - 26 April 2010


Look - I have Wings! 1 week old silkie chicks Silkie Chicks Check Our Their Mirror Image Silkie Chick - I'm Like My Mummy
Silkie Chicks 1st Day Out in the Run - 27th Apr 2010


1 Month Old Silkie Chicks - our favourite food is CORN! - 22nd May 2010
What?! We're NOT the youngest any more?! Did you say we have 8 new siblings?

Silkie Chicks 2 months old
We lost 2 of the 2nd batch of chicks at around 1 month, they just didn;t grow properly.
Then a third at around 3 months due to paralysis.
We have 9 silkies and the Polish crested rooster all living happily together with the free frun of the lawn, now fenced. Dec 2010.

Silkie Chicken Coop Guard Dog