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Growing Up Fast

Silkie Broody Hen - 6th Apr 2010 First Silkie Chick to Hatch - 20th Apr 2010 Silkie Hen & Chick - 20th Apr 2010
My silkie hen has laid her first egg 21st May 2010 since hatching her chicks 20th/21st Apr 2010.
Presume it to be infertile as rooster is in different coop!
2nd hen gone broody 30th May 2010 - 11 eggs.
Happy family back together again.

We sadly lost the daddy rooster this Summer 2010. He was paralysed down one side - the vet didnt know why. We also lost a chick the same way.
Very sad as he was such a gentle giant and a great daddy. His 2 first born have now taken over as they are now crowing roosters - Winter 2010.