Little Silkies at Little Creek Farm

Happy Holidays!
Erin(littlecreekfarm) Malibu and Puffy!!!!
hope everyone has a great Christmas!
It All started when we got 2 pet silkies, a white pullet named Malibu and a grey cockerel named Puffy. We fell in love with them and the silkie breed.


Meet my 2 new adorable silkies!!! They are the sweetest things!!

Meet Malibu

Malibu is a white Silkie pullet. She is 6 months old and i love her!!!! She is sooo fluffy and is the princess of the flock :)
She enjoys people and i let her roam around the barnyard when i'm outside with her. She is sooo pretty & sweet!
Meet Puffy

Puffy is our little grey Silkie Cockerel. He is 2 1/2 months old and we love him!!! He is always following Malibu around and snuggles with her!!
He enjoys playing with my brother, who of course, adores Puffy!!!

Photos of my silkies

Please come back for more on my pet silkies!! PM me for any questions!