Here are our Silver Sebrights from MMH. We received them as day-olds on May 14, 2007 along with 5 Easter Eggers, 5 Mottled Cochins, 5 Blue/Black/Splash Silkies, 2 Black Tailed Buff Japanese and our free rare breed Silver Spangled Hamburg.
We ordered them mainly for the unique black lacing on their wings and everyone who sees them make a fuss over their coloration and sleek, "road-runner"-like build. I find them to be very personable and curious and occassionally flighty ( I think it's because they are smaller than everyone but the Buff Japs and lower in the pecking order).
Click on thumbnails for bigger pictures.
1 week old...

They looked alot like the Silver Spangled Hamburg chick except that he was bigger and the wing markings were definately different.
3 week old Silver Sebright...lookin' more like a turkey vulture, than a chicken...LOL
9 week old SS cockeral...
9 week old SS pullet...
17 week old SS pullet...
17 week old SS cockeral...
All 3 of them together, age 6 months...
Here's a picture of the SS egg size and color (it is the one in the center)...
Thanks for stopping by and checkin' out our chickens!
Dawn & Skip
UPDATE: These 3 have moved to Kentucky to live with Kentucky~Momma & her wonderful family on 11/10/07