1. Dawn419
    We began using food grade Diatomaceous Earth in June 2007, after we moved the Banties to their temporary outdoor home.
    Make sure you buy Food Chemical Codex Grade DE (<-this link provides recommended amounts for using with feeding, whitewash, etc.) for use with your pets and livestock.
    I use a flour sifter to spread it evenly in the coops when adding new pine shavings (as a mite/lice preventative) and in the runs/yards to help dry up the poop (before DE/afterDE), which helps to also keep the fly population and smell down.
    Since I was bitten by the "hatching bug" (winter 2007), I've been using DE in the brooder. I just sprinkle a thin layer on the bottom of the brooder floor, then cover it with pine shavings litter and put paper towels on top of the shavings (for daily floor cleaning). When the hatched chicks are 5 - 7 days old, I completely remove the paper towels. Since getting our first chicks last May and brooding them indoors, I've noticed we've not had the "chickeny" smell at all this winter with chicks inside.
    I add it to the nest boxes to help prevent mites/lice. I sprinkle a layer of DE into the cleaned box, add about 2 inches of hay then add another layer of DE, then more hay. I keep adding alternate layers until the nest box is full.
    I also spread DE under our rabbit hutches for poop drying/keeping flies at bay.
    I've also been using it as a white wash for roosts. This works in two ways...1st to dry the poop and 2ndly to kill mites/lice. I also found this to be a good ant deterrent when I painted it on the retaining wall and the rabbit hutches.
    White Wash recipe: 1 Cup food grade DE to 1/2 gallon of water. Stir often.
    We live in the country and are surrounded by farms. Our landlady has a farm behind our place (cows, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, peafowl, etc), another neighbor raises ostriches. Many cows reside in the field across the road from us...flies are usually "the norm" here during the summer. I was truly amazed at the decrease in the fly population within 2 - 3 weeks of using DE out in the yard.
    DE & Honey Bees: YES, food grade DE will harm honeybees but what I've noticed since I've been using DE is that the honeybees don't tend to hang around the areas where I use it since there are no flowers in the coops/runs. Even though I use DE alot, the areas that the DE is used is probably one tenth of our entire yard.
    Our red merle Aussie, Pepper Anne, also gets a dose of DE in with her kibble, every day, as a worm preventative. I also take it myself (daily) by adding and mixing a heaping teaspoon of food grade DE to one 8 ounce container of yogurt.

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    Where Can I Buy Food Grade DE:
    Wolf Creek Ranch.......Located in So.Cal
    Freshwater Organics.......Distributors list

    McGeary Organics.......Retail Locations by State
    Perma-Guard.......Distributors listed by State
    Garden Harvest Supply
    Golden Harvest Oganics.......Fort Collins, CO
    Safe Solutions.......MI
    Diatomite Canada
    Bitless Bridle UK

    I found DE in Florence, SC
    Shadow Ridge.......NC
    Azure Standard

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out our pages. If you can add anything to this page, please feel free to contact us through the forum!
    Dawn & Skip
    Updated: 4/22/09

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  1. minpins99
    For those of us who are seriously financially challenged and without a car, is there a chicken safe alternate for PDZ or DE that can be purchased in a grocery store, such as corn starch or some such?
  2. MsRiderUp
    Used DE for the first time with our chickens. Sprinkled it over new pine shavings in coop, roost bar, around coop, over bale of hay they like to lay their eggs on :), and over dust bathing area. Flies have been WAY down, as well as smell. Had a hen with poopy bum and that cleared up. And . . . egg production went up! Used a mask on my face so I didn't inhale. Love the results!
  3. EledaWV
    Love DE! We spread it over the lawn, the coop, the dogs, look out!
  4. ChickEeeDee
    Excellent info! I used it today for the first time! So excited to see the flies fly off!!!
  5. chattykathy306
    If I use DE, do I still need to dust my hens with poison stuff to kill any parasites? Not sure if they have them, but am thinking that maybe they all do, if nothing is done to eliminate them. Is this true?
  6. Sandywitch
    OK, apparently there is more than one "food grade" DE. I've read that if it's red or grey, there is clay in it. The white looks like unbleached flour once you open the bag and get a good look at it. It will say 87% DE. That is the "people" food grade. The other food grade is alright for animals, but I think I'll give my three chicks the good stuff every 4-5 months by adding it to their feed as a wormer. The larger bag I bought from TSC I haven't opened yet, but I think it may be a bit reddish. If that's the case, I'll use it in the coop and in their dust bath area and maybe even apply it to them if I see any critters on them, but not in their feed. I have started taking the good stuff myself! Twice a day I put a heaping teaspoon in a glass of water and stir like a mad woman, then drink it down. If you let it sit, the DE all sinks to the bottom of the glass. It's odorless and pretty much tasteless. It does not dissolve. It may be even easier if mixed into a yogurt or a smoothie, or even in juice. I've found a bunch of videos on YouTube about it and all the benefits for people. I have so many oddball physical problems that I've decided to try it and see. I've only taken it two days now. I think it'll take a while to see any real results, but I haven't dropped dead or anything yet either, so I figure it should be alright for my chicks. :)
  7. Searsmom
    Has anybody ever cooked anything with food grade DE or is this just something I need to get my head wrapped around?
  8. jchny2000
    Just wanted to mention... I was carrying the bag of DE in one arm, FF pig feed in the other. Set the bag down next to the fence, and fed my piglets. One by one, they smelled the bag and attacked it like they were starving!
    So that tells me, there is something good happening there. Interesting reaction. Piglets are very smart, hogs and sows even more so, There may be a lot more to the stuff than we realize.
  9. dianacirce
    If you encounter a problem with lice/mites, how often can you apply DE directly to the birds to get rid of them. I was using poultry protector, but it says only to spray directly every other day for a week, then once a week. We had a nest of wild birds in the roof of the coop that we didn't notice, and they tore through into the coop and my girls got bugs. I have it to a manageable level, but I want them gone. For my girls' sakes, and for the sake of the birds I will be adding to the coop once they are old enough. I really appreciate this article! I will be adding the DE to my chicks box while they are growing
  10. dawg53
    Well said NYREDS.

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