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    How to optimize your experience on the new BYC

    You can optimize your experience here by making sure that you are on the latest version of your browser. Don't know what you're using? PM a mod and we can help you figure it out! Many of the speed complaints can be fixed simply by updating your browser.

    Example: One user complained speeds were horrible and was using Firefox 5.0. The newest version is 9.0. That's like an 80 year old and a 16 year old having a race!

    This system is super fast using Chrome and the newest version of Firefox. Internet explorer should be at least version 8.0 for optimal speed.

    To download Chrome click here To download Firefox click here

    To download Internet Explorer 8 click here To download Internet Explorer 9 click here

    To download Opera 11.6 click here To download Apple iOS 5 click here

    Speed Things Up on Mobile Devices

    BYC Now Available On TapaTalk

    For Mobile Devices (iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Android, etc.)

    Setting Changes to Try

    If you are on a slow connection, disabling these options, particularly showing images in posts and signatures, will make pages load faster.

    Go to your profile and click on "Edit Account Details"

    Then click the following boxes to add a check mark to them:

    Hide User Avatars

    Hide My Stuff in Signatures

    Hide User Awards

    Then click Save





    Here is a good thread to read for other member ideas on how to optimize your BYC experience.

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    Thank you! I bet it helps. I will try it.

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