Inserting Pics In On The New Byc

By elevan · Jan 12, 2012 · Updated Feb 14, 2012 · ·
  1. elevan
    Updated here: How do I Upload Pictures/Attachments/Images to the new BYC?

    Posting pictures using the Mountain Icon.

    The mountain
    Picture on web I want to use - hover mouse over picture and right click > copy image address
    Click on mountain icon - right click > Paste or do a ctrl V

    Click insert.

    Picture appears

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  1. 1stxraisingchickens
    How do I edit a title once it's posted to correct a spelling error? How do I delete a post once it's been submitted?
  2. birdlover15
    How do i post adds in the buy sell and trade
  3. chick n goat ma
    ROFLMAO..... the above information is what I (a non computer savvy, chicken loving granny) call "Information Overload" it left me feeling dizzy.
  4. cakebird
    how to upload pictures via a smartphone? I have a sick chicken and could use help letting me know what is the issue. Thanks
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  5. nancypo
    So did my former "chicken page" disappear into a virtual blackhole or? I'm not seeing it and I'm logged on????
  6. elevan

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