My Adventure into chicken hood.
First thing's first i dont really remeber why i wanted them in the first place. Ithink it sounded like an interesting opertunity to watch them grow up and to get eggs and to say i have chickens. so our first step was to look up differnt types of chickens that would do well in our conditions. calm, docile ,hardy in winter, good layer( we wanted eggs)and to be a good mama chicken. Once we did that we whent to our local ranch and supply store murdochs(an awsome store).
We whent threw both side on the shelve looking threw and we pick the ones we want. we ened up picking 5 Silverlaced Whydotts, 2 New Hampshire Reds, 2 Barred rocks.
50427_gedc0896.jpg My baby girl koo koo.
Several months later...

Several months down the road and the lil puff balls we had brought home turned into our lil girls and boys (turned out that we had lil roos 2 of them) .Once they got there feathers it was time for them to leave the 50427_dsci0042.jpg and out to the 50427_dsci0043.jpg . They'ed out grown the box in the house and had to move to a bigger home in the garage.They got to move into a hot tub.
soon the weather was nice and they had to move out to there new home of a convereted horse carrol. They had roosts and boxes added along with a red light for the cooler night weather. It took them for ever but they finally learned to go int othe coop at night. Not long after we started getting our first eggs so egg citing. 50427_dsci0235.jpg We've been getting any were from 4 to 7 eggs a day .Sometimes we havent gotten any . whats neat though is to walk in and see them sitting 50427_gedc1460.jpg on there nests.From baby to big here are my girls. 50427_dsci0001.jpg 50427_dsci0006.jpg