[FONT=arial black,avant garde]And then there were 2...[/FONT]
So i told u on the last page about the chicks we had gotten well i had come back from a trip and i had a lil extra money so on the 29th of march my horse bithday i had to go him a new halter welll... i got 2 new chicks. i ended up getting 2 new aracauna chicks . There starting to get in some wing fathers and some others. You'll see them from time to time in other pics of mine. I put them in the garge with my 4 week olds at the time . We had already take down the stuff in side and the equipment was ouside plus my parent did'nt know i had gotten them . The chicks were pecked at a lil i the beginning entell the older ones got bored and it didnt interest them any more the chicks were old news to them . the funny thing is the 1 1/2 week old aruacana chicks frizzle and frazzle dont know there little they stood up them by pecking at them it was cute . Heres a pic of them there the lilest
ones in the picture.