Limerock Blue Water Acre
The Beggining!

Tearing down the coop.....

Then I work up the next morning and began to do this.......

The flooring is standing on (6) 4x4 Post which is set at 32 inches from the ground.

The flooring itself is covered with PT 4x8 1/4" Plywood.

........journey begins......

The total size of the coop is 10x20 and standing at 8ft tall from the flooring.
Got all the wall frames completed!

A step foward in time....

The walls are also covered with PT 4x8 1/4" Plywood.
The roof is covered with Zinc.

The size of the run is 24 x 10.

Cutting out the windows for some ocean fresh breeze....

Window completed....NEXT!!!

Walls in place.... My Mother-In-Law doing some inspection.

Final stage of walls being secured.