Step 4: Finishing the exterior
We put cap pieces on the corners to cover the gaps where the panels meet. This will help keep more cold air out and gives it a nice finishing touch. In the first picture, you can see the yard gate attached to the corner. The gate slides up and down so it can be moved with the coop. You just slide it up, put a pin through a hole to hold it up, and go. Once in place, you simply drop it back down and it's secure! We also put a grill over the window so that, when it's open, the chickens can't get out and critters can't get in.
To Do:

  • The next non-rainy day we still have to put the fences up. They attach to the corners on the right side by sliding into brackets and securing with zip ties. There is also a panel of fencing that attaches to the bottom to keep the chickens from getting out under the wagon.
  • As soon as we find some gutters (I mean, there have to be some around here somewhere!), we'll put those up. They will divert into a 55 gallon barrel that will sit on the hitch frame in the front. Free, on-site water!
  • In the spring, we will be putting a wind turbine (found in scrap pile) on the top to add a little bit more ventilation.