[FONT=times new roman,times]Step 3: The inside[/FONT]
The inside of the coop is divide into 2 sections. These sections are seperated by the inner screen door and a wall of wire to allow ventilation. When the windows are open fresh air will blow through the entire coop. (We are waiting till Spring to cut panels into the bottom of the door that will be screened and closable as well.)
The back 2/3s is for the hens. That section is 11x8ft. The door leads into it. We found some old grocery store shelves in one of the sheds that work great for next box shelves (the shelves are in, but we've not put up the nest boxes yet). The nest boxes are being made out of old beehive boxes that we can't use anymore. Opposite the shelves are 3 rows of roosts. In that corner is the pop door (8x14 inches) for the hens.
The front 1/3 is for the roosters. That section is 5x8ft and is accessible through the inner screen door. There are 2 rows of roosts in there and another pop door in the corner for them.
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