What I have to OFFER:


A "dragon" plushie its really a "scalemate" from an internet comic called homestuck- It is made without arms- though I can easily add arms. oh all handsewn- no machine.

here are examples of ones I have made so far.

I have other fleece and I can make other colors-

you can have one per swap- eye color (buttons will vary)


a bunch of seeds- can be flower or veggie or herb- - i need to go through them- you wont be disappointed

WANTED: (I do have a page for this but thought I would add a quick list here)

other items wanted:
  • Pokemon Cards/Neopet cards
  • Xbox or Wii Games
  • size 1x pants
  • size 2x shirts
  • size 9.5/10 shoes
  • jewelry
  • jewelry making supplies
  • musical crib soother