Hi fellow chicken lovers, I'm Tanya. My family and I live in the Northern Lower Pennisula of Michigan. We are about as far north as you can go and not be in the Staits of Mackinaw. It is nice to be way up north but sometimes a bit cut off from everything.

We live on 22 acres with a neurotic boxer named Leo, 38 chickens and 6 guinea fowl. I have Large fowl Polish, Ameraucana, Cornish, Production Red, Welsummer, Cochin, Cuckoo Maran, Black Australorp, Partridge Rock and our variety of Polisheggers. I have bantam Mille Fleur d'Uccle, Salmon Faverolle, BB Red OEG, Silkie and Sizzle. I love all my little ones and they are as much pets as egg producers. They are all named and a bit spoiled.




It seems like we do a bit of everything. We are homeschoolers, my son is in 4-H, niece who lives with us, is about to graduate, we are involved in our church, hubby is busy building himself a rat rod, we garden, can our food and hunt. I love to read and sew. It seems we never have a dull minute around here!
I've only had chickens about a year and a half but have learned so much from BYC. I never imagined I would become so attached to the feathered ones.