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Name Tom Collier
Age 43
Location SW, OH. Butler County
# of Chickens25 Silkies, 2 Barred Rocks, 3 Coturnix Quail
Yahoo TCollier66

Tom's Homebuilt Cabinet Incubator
This is my new incubator I just built. Build time was 6 hours after I got all the parts.
It works really well as far as holding the temp and humidity perfectly.
100 Degrees and 55% Humidity.



The LG Egg turner sits on the 2 supports above the hatching tray. You can see the hole on the back right side for the wiring to go through.
also the water pan is a bit different now. I added a float valve to it to keep the pan full

Here you can see the angled piece of wood at the bottom directing the air flow out from behind the false back.
Air vents are also drilled into the back of the incubator between the false back and real back.


You can see that my hatching tray slides out on the bottom section. I can put another egg turner there if I need too.

Here you can see how creative I got with a black marker. Temp settings and on off switch for the light inside if I want to turn it on.

Here is the GQF wafer thermostat for cabinet model incubators. I am also using the GQF 225 watt heating element that is behind the fan between the false back and real back of the incubator.
And there is my light to see inside if I need too. Small 25 watt bulb is all I need.

OK now lets get down to what this cost me to build. Also I bought everything at Home Depot except the LG Egg Turner (Not Pictured).
I rounded prices up to the next whole $.
1/2 x 2 x 2 Poplar Plywood $5.73 EA (7) $41
A little scrap wood laying around $0
GQF Thermostat $18
GQF Heating Element $25
110 V Fan from old space heater $0
9 x 13 pan stolen from Girlfriend $0
Light fixture $3
Plactic tubing and fixtures $9
Hardware cloth $9
Hinges and Hasps $9
LG Egg Turner $36
Clear Coat Spray $7
Bucket $0
Grand Total $157