Temporary Chicken Housing

By NWChicks · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. NWChicks
    This page is for the temporary coop we've set up to house our little 7 week old Ameracauna/Easter Eggers. The hutch is just a Chick-n-Hutch from Ware Manf. to give the little girls a place to be that isn't the toy box in my garage. I don't have a yard for them yet so when I am home and able to keep an eye on them I allow them to roam in the screen house. They love being able to get out and explore a little bit and I like that they're contained. I wouldn't trust this thing to keep out predators which is why they only get out when I'm around.
    We'll get a yard and use it as a little tractor set up and next year for baby chicks.

    Looks like they're having a serious discussion, doesn't it? Hopefully, it's not about how to escape!
    I don't know what her name is yet but isn't she pretty?

    Here's our other one:

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    I just bought a screen house for my Ameracauna/Easter Eggers also, but I also have a dog kennel around their real enclosure. I was just looking to see if they actually stay in! My little girls are only 4 weeks at the moment and the screen house would be a way to move them around the yard without the area eagles and hawks getting at them. Any problems so far with yours?

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