Temporary quarantine enclosure - easy to disassemble for storage

By sluggospud · Apr 14, 2018 · ·
  1. sluggospud
    My last attempt at integrating new birds into my flock did not go well. This time I have a temporary enclosure for the new birds within sight vision of the main enclosure.

    The design goals were:
    Use up as much scrap material in the junk pile.
    Easy to disassemble for storage when not in use.

    I went with 4' x 4' x 3'. 4x4 would allow me to use a half sheet of plywood for the top. This is the largest size that will fit in my car. 3' height to use 36" wide hardware cloth.

    Initial design sketches:

    I framed using 2 x 3 pine studs.


    For siding I used a combo of some redwood planks and plastic lawn edging strip that I had in the junk pile.

    The lid is a half sheet of 1/4" plywood on a 2x3 frame.


    There are 8 lug bolts that hold the whole thing together. It disassembles into 4 side panels, lid, and roost crossbar.

    I live in a fairly temperate climate, so this semi-open enclosure is fine for spring, summer, & fall. In a pinch it will be ok for full grown birds in winter.

    All access is through the top. With a healthy local hawk population, my birds are not free range. I'll be testing this out with 3 young pullets next month. At 16 square feet, it will be a bit crowded, but fine until I'm ready to put the younger pullets in with the main flock.

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  1. casportpony
    Great article!
  2. Lilly Pilly
    Great idea, thanks for your good pics and plans
  3. KikisGirls
    Looks great!
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. N F C
    I hope you'll update this to let us know how it works out for you. Good job!
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