The Aftermath Journal

By Mantha8225 · May 27, 2014 · Updated Jun 29, 2015 ·
  1. Mantha8225
    To Whoever Reads this,

    I don't even know why I'm keeping this journal. Maybe if I get it onto paper, the events will seem like less of a threat. Or maybe so future generations could know what is going on. Look at me talking. Future generations. Yeah right. Well, whatever.

    August 8th,

    The adults are panicking. Many of them are fleeing to the countryside, in hopes to be safe from the infection. But can't they see that they're only making things worse for themselves by going out there. By going out there, they're crowding it, which means that they're only more likely to catch it. My parents are among them. They're fleeing the city, but only to help me and any others who aren't sick. They claimed that they weren't feeling too well and left. Meanwhile, I've been busy scavenging the house for food and materials; anything that can help my survival.

    August 14th,
    Me and the neighbors have teamed up. Although we don't all like each other, we have decided on grouping up, for mutual survival only. We plan to go to the shopping district, where we will probably set up camp in Waitrose, the grocery store. There will definitely be supplies there.

    August 18th,

    Looks like some other people had the same idea as us. There's only three to our six, but still... We have formed an alliance, and there are still people coming in. This seems like a good place to bring people together. Hopefully more will come in...

    SEPTEMBER 4th,

    We total to about 18 now. This seems to be a pretty good setup. Although we have many supplies here, we have been sending scavengers out to get more.

    September 15th,

    We have found a weapon shop that hasn't been raided yet. We are bringing as many back as we can, including some weapons racks to hold them near the entrance.

    October 5th

    I probably won't be doing entries very often anymore. Things have been busy scavenging, and there's not much to report. Aside from how terrible this is. I have been elected leader of this group. I can't call it small anymore, though. We have a total of 37. Even though I'm terrified, I have to suck it up and put on a brave face for the others, especially the little kids. Every death feels like I lost a member of my own family. That makes sense, though, because this has become my family, and I'm pretty sure that's how the others feel too.

    October 30th,

    We lost five scavengers today. They were overcome by a horde of teenagers, which is bad because they're faster, stronger, and a little smarter than the others. This feels like the most realistic Halloween ever.

    November 10th,

    Maxie came back from a scoutinh, reporting that there's a horde of grown-ups in the Soccer Stadium. She says it's kind of like their nest. I'm glad we're not too close to it.

    February 18th

    The winter months were quiet. The grown-ups were even slower than usual. I guess the cold slows them down, like normal humans. There weren't very many, either. Scouts reported that they were mostly all in the stadium. We better stay away from there. Ben and Bernie, the goth twins had made a way of heating the grocery store, althought I have no idea how they did it.

    April something

    Well, that's great. I've lost count of the date. If only the electricity still worked, then we wouldn't have to keep track ourselves. I doubt anybody else knows the date. Well, we have more important things to do than keep track of silly things like that. Like the grown-ups. There's a large horde passing by, thankfully not too close to Waitrose. I hear Morrensons are having trouble with it, though. We should go and help them. I know we're rivals and all that, but every kid in London is one of our own.

    Sometime later in April... I think

    We lost quite a few fighting that horde. Their bodies were burned. Anybody would have preferred that to being eaten by grown-ups. They numbered three, but it had an impact on us, especially on those closest to them.


    The twins have invented speaking tubes, which really helps the lookouts communicate. Speaking of lookouts... Callum has spent a lot of time up in the dome recently. Is something wrong?

    Sometime in July

    Since we lost track of the date, we're having a little mini Fourth of July today. Some scavengers have found a fireworks and scavenged some sparklers. The big fireworks will be used as a defense for later, like little bombs or something.

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