The Chicken Shed of my dreams :)

By shelbyw · Jan 2, 2019 · Updated Apr 16, 2019 · ·
  1. shelbyw
    I recently moved to NC and we almost immediately started a plan for a chicken coop! We bought a used 10 by 12 shed, wood and hardwire fencing. The inside is painted white and the floor was supposed to be a light grey but it ended up looking like a blue grey instead but it’s waterproof so :idunno. Anyways I only have some pictures of our progress and we recently just finished putting the fence roofing on the outside yard area so I will have updated pics soon! We are putting a couple chicken swings outside and we are also working on getting old tires to put out as dusting baths. I ended up using 4 cabinets. 2 for nesting boxes, 1 for a brooder, and 1 for the food and medicine:D. The brooder will be finished soon since we are getting more chicks in a few weeks:cool:. I do have my Silkie roo back and 3 chicks so I can’t promise that the updates pictures of the rest of the coop will have clean floors even though I sweep them out everyday :). We only have the primer done on the outside and we plan on painting it the teal and black once it stops raining :barnie.
    March 14, 2019: Picture updates but the add on dwarf housing section is not yet complete :)

    April 16, 2019 Update: YOU GUYS!!!!! I was finally able to scrub the flooring!! I’m so happy about it because it looks so much better and it makes me feel much better :love I also have a new waterer coming soon that will be on the inside and the one that we have right now will be out in the yard :D. We also plan on getting a rain barrel and connecting it to the waterers and since the new one will be automatic, it will be great ;) I will have to figure out a way to make sure the bucket does not fill up to much though and I’m sure I can find something for it. I also got the poop hammock made BUT I have to get loops so I can hook it on the perch so it will be up this weekend. So excited! Updated pics in gallery :bun

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  1. aflamothe
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 17, 2019
    I too was envisionning such a coop and run, but alas, municipal rules prohibits big coops and runs. So I will continue to dream. Glad you were not empeeded and enjoy what I would have had.
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    1. shelbyw
      One day you will be able to have the biggest coop with no limits ;)
  2. BReeder!
    "Awesome setup"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 17, 2019
    I love this coop, and what an impressive run. The attention to detail and purposeful design is incredible.
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    1. shelbyw
  3. ronott1
    "Good Article"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 11, 2019
    Nice job so far!

    I hope the weather allows more work on the coop soon
    1. shelbyw
      I have at least two sides done now but nothing to what I wanted done :/ we are getting more rain tonight and tomorrow so hopefully I can do the rest Sunday. Also I had to add a section for my Dwarf chickens since everyone was over excessively pecking them and causing blood :( But everything is good with them now ;)


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  1. BReeder!
    look into a float valve for controlling level of water in your automated bucket waterer. :)
  2. NewBoots
    That is an awesome coop and run! That run is the biggest one I've seen with hardware cloth on top. I love the reuse of materials and the colors! You are my hero!

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    1. shelbyw
      Thanks! I am still surprised that it is actually there hahaha
  3. shelbyw
    Update!!!! April 10, 2019: I finally finished the outside!!! I still have A LOT of different things to do on the inside of the coop and I am also adding an extended area for breeding and incubating eggs:) I have new pictures up and loaded in the gallery and the outside is looking amazing:cool:
  4. shelbyw
    Update April 1st, 2019: I am going to put up some pictures of the finished paint job soon! Maybe by this weekend;)
  5. shelbyw
    March 17, 2019 Update!!
    We are able to paint today and we are going to hopefully finish it:celebrate
  6. shelbyw
    Update!!!!!! March 14, 2019
    Hey! So I got one more side done BUT... I had to add an addition to the coop for my Olandsk Dwarf chickens since the chickens that were originally in the brooder with them started profusely pecking them and made one bleed :/ So I built a little mini side coop for them ;) Also I am hoping that I will be able to get the rest of the painting done and the roof over the dust bathing area.
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  7. N F C
    Very nice coop, thanks for the updates!
    1. shelbyw
      You’re welcome! I hope to get more pictures soon once I get the paint done which won’t happen until all this weather is gone
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  8. shelbyw
    Update Feb. 20, 2019: So I have some more pictures of the add on mini run in the chicken shed for the chicks:jumpy I divided the two sides and added in a bench that also lifts up so I can access the run. They absolutely love it :yesss: I do have to paint them but I am waiting until all chicks are out and when it’s not so stormy and cold out
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  9. NewBoots
    I love the chandelier! Such a nice touch! And the use of the recycled cabinets and a vanity? I think? I really admire the creativity and imagination. Looks like plenty of room too.
    1. shelbyw
      There are 2 recycled cabinets and the brooder is an old vanity we recently took out :) good guesses! There is so much room and the chicks have just moved into the new brooder
  10. shelbyw
    Also we are supposed to get some really cold weather so that is why I have some straw down in the recent pictures. We have been getting some flurries here and there but it is supposed to snow all night :D
  11. shelbyw
    Let there be light! We have installed all of the permanent plugs and hung up 2 out of 3 of the heaters plus we added the chandelier which looks awesome! The brooder is ready for chicks and the nesting boxes have straw ready for when the girls start to lay. Next we will add the dust bathing area in the yard! We will build a section out for the tires. They will sit on a palette and will have a slanted tin roof over it. Almost done! :cool: New pictures will be posted in the gallery.
  12. shelbyw
    Update Jan. 5, 2019: So today I was able to take some pictures of the progress and I also put up an outside perch area. We have not added the swings or dust baths yet but we do have some wood that I would like on make into a few swings. I have both nesting boxes up and the wire on the top of the brooder box, but we don’t have the doors finished yet because we needed to get different screws for them. Everything is painted but as you can see, we have 4 chickens so far in the house so :idunno. We also added k braces on the sides to help support the yard better, but we did that before the wiring was done so I forgot to mention it in my previous post. The food/medicine cabinet is complete and the only thing left inside to put up is the feed containers, water bucket, lighting, and the heat panels that are sitting on the floor at the moment. We also have a metal trough that is going to be for the bath area but I have no idea where to put it just yet. The outside painting is not done yet but we do have the primer on it :celebrate. The biggest thing I got done that I definitely needed was the roof on the yard and it’s completely secure! Also I added a couple pictures of my rooster so you guys can see him :).
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    1. shelbyw
      The paint for the floor came as a waterproof paint. It has something in it that makes it waterproof @jobishop I will find out for you.
    2. shelbyw
      It has a waterproof sealant in it to make it waterproof like an outdoor porch paint @jobishop
  13. N F C
    That's a nice looking used shed, I hope it works out well as your coop!
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    1. shelbyw
      So far it is awesome! The people that had it only had trash in it and it looks like someone threw a baseball at the window and cracked it but other than that it is amazing!
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    2. jobishop
      Did you put anything on the floor to help waterproof?
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