The Dailey's Coop

Kassy's Hen House
Building of the coop and our Chickens
First Let me thank everyone who has put there coop pics and info on BYC. Without all the help from people here I'm sure I would still be redoing things as I had know clue on chickens before this spring.

I decided to put this finished picture at the top.. At the bottom of the page is the link to the site of where I got this idea from.. I changed the plans to make it a hen house and larger. My coop is 12x 16 on the left side and the double door side is 11x12 and is offset from the left side 1 foot. The roof is a 9/12 pitch, the windows are recycled, the double doors are 6' wide and and there is the vent you see on the north peak and on the south wall is a box fan for exhausting the heat out in the summer or to keep the air moving a bit in the winter. I have tried to think of everything and so far this has worked perfectly.. the only thing is I am addicted to chickens and went from wanting a dozen egg layers to collecting and projects breeds. I will be dividing the coop again in the spring to keep my lav orp project , Ameracaunas and layers Fortunately as you look through the pictures you will see I have put in framing for POP doors everywhere just incase this happened.. I just didn't think it would be 2 mths after the coop was done.


Girls pretty much free range all day an get locked up at night..

There is a nice 12x24 pen for when they are on lock down.
This is where it all began..... dates on pictures

here's the "Ready for Concrete" view

My side is poured.. (grin) the other 12' is for the hubby. This pad is 12x 28 , 4 inches thick with a broom finish

All but one wall of hubbys side sheeted

Never building walls like this again.. pain in the butt.. its for the veritcal barn wood boards that will be put on top of the OSB. The OSB was used for wind block and tar paper was put on the outside before the barn wood to keep the elements out.

This should give us enough sunlight in the winter
[FONT=georgia,palatino]the WEST wall , below the window will be a POP door for the chicks on that side


Notice the detail in the trim (cheap details)

Notice the roofer looks like a professional? He is, Hubby had him for the day.

Oops, forgot ! the dogs were with me. The windows have 2 hinges at the top. The two windows in the front got a chicken wire screen. The other recycled windows came with matching screens. Hinging them at the top has proven to keep the rain out, glad we planned it this way.. (not! it was just more functional to beable to open them from the outside). Also I found if I staple brown kraft paper or anything on the window frame it works as an awning and keeps the direct sun out also.

from the door, Not sure where the nesting box and roosts will end up.(aug 20th, the roost is in the back corner now as the poo smell coming in the door kinda knocked your socks off). The roost also has a its vinyl flooring poop collector on it, this is great and keeps a clean coop. I scrape it ever other day. The white board is what some call Bathroom board/paneling, its a faux 4x4 ceramic tile and is sold at HomeDepot/Lowes. I got lucky and only used it becauase I found it for 8 bucks a sheet.

Here's my south wall, Windows will go in when the barnwood goes up. There is another POP door under the right window.

Barnwood going up( the window will be remounted when the trim goes on.) This granny door (36" door) has a removable screen , when it gets cold we will replace the screen with a thin wood panel . Notice the 2x6 inside the doorway.. this keeps the shaving back , this is also where I sit the food and waterer, it stays much cleaner and the girls can eat the food off the floor then.

From the front door, This is where the little pullets/food/etc will go

Heres one of the two loft area for storage, 6x8 foot and 54" tall

this is in the right side of the shed w/ the double doors.... the meaties coop. I built the fence wall 32" in from the doors so they didn't run out everytime we open the big doors... and for added like and AIR FLOW (which they need). This worked out great.. Meaties are in the freezer and the wall was unscrewed and slid to the back for next year. We now have our snowmobiles and some garden tools stored in it.

The saws, compresser and nail guns are put away, its down to just the paint.. Woohoo!
This has all since been stained... I didn't take new pictures < but I think you can picture it all matching.

Above: North side (the meaties end)

Above: The South Side... and where the pen is now. These are selvaged storm windows and screens hubby picked up out of the trash. The one and only thing left is to make a door for my fan hole that works off a bracket / pully system so I can open and close it from the ground.

Above: the West side , the kennel panels will be going up for the meaties and pullets. The little wee coop ~has its own page up top , it is now the chicken hospital and isolation for new birds coming into our flock, the green screens attach to it, but for now they are letting the meaties out for some fresh air.

The pen is 12x 24 ' and constructed of 6"x8' cedar post, left over barn wood for rails on top and bottom and 2x6x72" welded wire and chicken wire for the roof. what you can't see is the 24" chicken wire that is buried about 6" deep and about about 18" out from the coop. Notice the hinges on the pen door.. this is the same type of hinges we used on the windows (but smaller 3" I think) They are the least expensive.

Here is the roost, its big, all on one level for less pecking order problems, the bottom supports have been were they like to sit during the day. Its bulky but is removable and and keeps the floor clean below. The branchs also just lift out for moving.. My nesting boxes were built out of my antique jelly cupboard. Alls we did was add some dividers to the shelves and remove the doors..

Well thats gonna be it for awhile.. Did I mention... No more tools.. I'm happy so report the tools are back up in the main garage..
Thanks for looking... Please email me if you would like to know anything more about this coop, I"ll be happy to help..
Heres the link to where I got the idea from: There are a couple pictures and you can download for free their little blueprint.[/FONT]

We love it, we wanted a dual purpose building and also wanted it to look cute from the road. We shopped around and trash picked windows, some fencing free, got the shingles for $15.00 a bundle ($255.00), barnwood for $100.00, white bathroom panel board for $8.00 ($112.00/14 sheets), lumber for the whole thing was proabably around $1000.00 when were were all done, concrete slab 12x28 was $460.00 (no labor), pen cost is around $200.00, fill dirt for pen $200.00, 5 gallon bucket of stain $94.00, nesting box (free), roosting stand (free), probably about $90.00 spent on hinges and hardware, 2 granny doors $70.00.
Grand total is around $2587.00
it is now wired, outlets everywhere for brooder lights and heat lamps and fans and more. Spent about $219 on 10/2 outdoor wire, 14/2 for inside wire, 5 switches, 1 timer and 5 outlets.. ran from my electric panel in the house to junction box in the coop.
To be cont.