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  1. iluvorpingtons
    This is the member page for my RP at: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/759837/the-feather-of-fire-a-magical-phoenix-rp-needs-players

    Name: Incendia
    Gender: Female
    Extra Power: Can summon light without fire (as in, a ball of light)
    Flock: The Flock of Ash
    Rank: Lead Female
    Personality: She is mostly cheerful and overly bold, but can be serious during a fight. She is brave but also impulsive, but she does her best to control her anger and unwise choices.
    History: She was hatched as part of the Flock. Even though it got her in a lot of trouble, her boldness lead her to challenge the current Lead Female many times until she eventually won the rank.
    Picture or Description:
    (Not the best, but better than my pic)

    (My picture pf her:)


    Other: (extra information) None
    Username: iluvorpingtons.

    Name: Silver
    Gender: Male
    Extra Power: Invisibility
    Flock: Flock of the Sun
    Rank: Favilla Bird
    Personality: Doesn't speck much but never afraid to say what's on his mind if it is important.
    History: Unknown
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Other: (extra information) None
    Username: iluvorpingtons

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