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    Welcome to the RWTP Archive, an easy-to-use directory to the many different incarnations of the popular RP, Run With the Pack. This is a work in progress and will probably not be done for a very long time. Although I am the original creator, I did NOT make all of these threads and articles, and I will do my best to credit all the other makers.

    Without further ado, let's go enjoy RWTP as a part of BYC's history!

    First, a Brief Introduction

    Run With the Pack was a popular roleplay game, founded by iluvorpingtons in November 2012. Though it started out a small game, it soon gained many members and became one of the busiest RPs on the whole site. Following an explosion in popularity after its first year, iluvorpingtons stepped down from her position as creator/leader and passed RWTP on to new leadership.

    The RP ran strong for another year or so, going through various restarts and reboots. However, due to its sheer size, it eventually began to crumble. Shortly after the division of its players and some skirmishes with staff, the RP ended. It was declared officially dead upon iluvorpingtons return. No attempts at restarts or revivals have been made since.

    Run With the Pack followed a simple storyline of Good vs. Bad wolves, with several other long subplots in each story. An evil pack called Darkpack continued to attempt to take over the territories. Meanwhile, the various other packs had their own private struggles.

    When the RP was first founded, there were four main packs (Emeraldpack, Pinepack, Stonepack, and Darkpack). As the game progressed and the storylines became more complex, many other packs were created (Ameroq, Meadowpack, and Riverpack, for example). Many great battles were fought and the game developed a rich history. New characters and stories were built on top of the old ones, giving the game a uniquely deep sense of depth and lore.

    Unfortunately, this also makes reading the RP very confusing! The original thread alone is a challenging read, and I have never attempted to piece any of the different threads into a coherent storyline. Thanks to the skilled RPers who wrote this content, many of the characters have their own carefully crafted and overlapping stories.

    Several "generations" of characters were created. As the restarts and reboots began to pile up, so did the different versions of the characters. Many were given updated histories, new relationships, or "clean slates", but over the course of RWTP's history, many of the base characters (like the original alphas) remain relatively the same.

    Archive I: RWTP RP Threads

    This archive is comprised of RWTP RP threads. Only threads that are specifically labelled as RWTP and used for RPing have been included. Other related spin-offs like Under the Moon and Horizon's End have not been included. I recommend this for readers who want the pure RWTP story and nothing else.

    Archive II: Related & Spin-Off RPs

    Though not directly labelled as part of the RWTP legacy, these archived RPs were created in close association with or as spin-offs of the original RWTP Line. For a merged line that includes all RWTP-associated RPs and a slightly more coherent storyline, see Archive III (recommended for casual readers).
    - For RPs created using select RWTP Rules/First Post content, see Archive III, Subsection 1.

    Archive III: All RP Threads

    All RP threads ever used in association with RWTP. Recommended for those who want to read the entire RWTP story and have a LOT of time on their hands.

    Additional Notes:
    During RWTP's long run, several RPs were created that shared parts of its rules and first post content. These RPs have NO association with RWTP's stories or characters (aside from the most basic overarching plotline) and were thus deemed inappropriate for the main list of "RWTP RP threads". I have included them here as a sort of footnote due to their connections to RWTP and part in the RP's history.

    All RWTP content in these RPs was used with the permission of RWTP's creator. Please contact iluvorpingtons if you would like to use RWTP content in the future.

    RWTP remained on BYC's Games, Jokes, and Fun forum for most of its run, but there were a few times when it branched out to different sites. These off-site restarts never seemed to last very long. I have included them here as a second footnote due to their rather confusing and insignificant part in the actual RWTP story.

    Archive IV: Original Fiction & Adaptations

    This archive contains RWTP stories written by users who decided to branch out from the RP and create their own original fiction. Some are revised and condensed versions of the original RP storylines. Others include different stories that were never seen in the RP, deepening the lore and expanding on characters we thought we already knew.

    Archive V: Miscellaneous Threads

    This archive has all of the remaining RWTP-related threads that were not used for roleplay or stories. Most are OOC discussions relating to the game's events. While they have little in the way of story or entertainment, they are preserved here as part of RWTP history.

    Archive VI: Related Articles

    Most RWTP articles are character pages that were created to store the accepted character sheets. Though they have little effect on the reader's enjoyment of the story, these pages are good references for the RP. Other pages that mention RWTP or RWTP characters have also been included.

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