The Mysterious Robin

I had quite a shock yesterday morning when I awoke...I have a pet rooster who is incredibly spoiled that sleeps in my room at night. He usually sits on his perch by the window to watch the sun come up. He crows at 9:00 as per his training. He comes when I call him and clearly says his name in consonants. Buttercup..uuutttteeerrruuuu!! He also lets me know when there are visitors, or trouble of any kind. He has an unusual way of waking me up if something is important. He climbs on my chest and grabs my eyelid with his beak and plucks it open then he jumps off and waits...watching me. Of course this action gets my immediate arousal and I am up wondering what is going on. He must do it quite precisely because it does not even leave a mark on my He was standing by the bedroom door when I sat up. When I did not move right away just looking at him..crazy like I am sure. He began to pace back and forth from my bed to my door and crowing. "Okay..Okay, I am coming" I said. I got up and followed him.
When I got in the living room I noticed the girls were sitting by the living room window where my desk sits. Buttercup jumped on the back of the chair..and crowed while poking his head toward the window. Most morning I stand by my coffee pot staring out the kitchen window at the sparrows that eat by my pecan tree in a complete stupor until I can get some coffee in me and liven feed the chickens and dogs. This morning..they wanted me to look out the living room window I did.
I live in a small town in Texas...yes there are some chickens that roam freely in and out of my I may be a bit eccentric..but this was even strange to me. There among the sparrows in the tree sitting on the ground and holding perfectly still was the largest Robin I have ever seen. I grew up in Wisconsin where Robins were quite common but one is rarely seen where I live now. As I stared at this huge Robin...she dissappeared! I grabbed my glasses off the desk...and looked again...she returned but had not moved. As I stared in disbelief...she was gone..only a slight shadow of her outline remained.
I forgot about the was immediatly reminded of something my Gramma used to say before she passed and every spring while I was growing up. She said "When you see the Robin redbreast..spring is here!" I have always looked for the Robin in the spring ever since. 25 years ago, I moved to this town and every spring...I see one fat Robin..only for a few seconds..and it always reminds me of Gramma...The funny it has always held true.
Even tho the calander says spring will not be here for several weeks yet..I know that Gramma's Robin never fails....Just a little spring fever over here in