The New Additions

By M.sue · Jul 1, 2012 · Updated Jul 5, 2012 ·
  1. M.sue
    The New Additions......Not so little anymore.

    Shelby has been crowing up a storm every morning and announcing his presence. He also has taken a liken to one of the year old Buff Orpingtons. She wants nothing to do with even though he is very handsome and has a fantastic crow. Any attempt he makes toward her she rebukes him and will even put him in his place. It's actually funny to see him high-tail it in the other direction with her on his heels!!
    I've started to feed them layer feed for I got my first eggs from Lil' Blu and Petey. What a nice surprise to found them. One was a pale, pale blue and the other was olive green!

    Lil' Blu

    Mr. Shelby


    First Eggs


    July 2012
    It's been HOT the past week. The chickens have weathered the extreme temps well. Relief in the the evening hours helps when the temps seem to drop some.
    Yesterday was the first day that they ventured over to the garden and discovered all the wonderful things to nibble on and the joy of cooling off with a dust bath. Although Shelby has ventured over there on many occasions in pursuit of seeking out the older gals.




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