The Silkies

  1. ChickenLover200
    The Silkies

    As most of us know.. Silkies are hard to tell apart roosters or hens. So when we got 4 silkies a few years ago then we had no idea which ones were hens and which ones could be roosters.

    We assumed two of them were roosters... (I must repeat assumed)
    When they started to lay we only got two eggs so we felt that the two named Andie and Thud were obviously roosters, BUT they didn't crow.. so we didn't confirm our decision right then. I did some research which led me to for just about everything.. So I decided to join and I posted some pictures of our Silkies and I learned a lot about them.. When some of our chickens got sick and died we got a bit worried it might be a disease that could spread. So we had a chicken vet come and when he was there looked at our 4 Silkies. his exact words: "You got lucky (this time) they're all hens!" Yay! so their names were: Debbie, Connie, Thud, and Andie. Also when the chicken vet came he told us what our 6 partridge rocks were. Not so lucky with that batch.. 3 roosters and 3 hens.

    We still have the roosters and those hens just in case we decide to breed our own.

    fluffy, adorable little Andie! She can get a bit flighty at times, but most of the time she is calm and loving and will let you carry her around outside of the coop and run.

    Debbie and Thud:
    Debbie: (on left) Debbie is also fluffy and goes broody often. She loves to hang around Thud her sister a lot. She is also the biggest Silkie in the whole batch.
    Thud: (on right) Thud is called this because when she was a chick she would jump out of my hand and back into the tote/container where we kept them. We always got a laugh from her. When we moved the 4 Silkies to the coop and run she was the first one to go and look around and "inspect" everything.

    She is the smallest Silkie in the flock so sometimes she gets pecked on. She has a problem with her left eye that we have been trying to take care of.. we gave her electrolytes at one point and clean out her eye when it gets stuff in too. She was like that ever since we got her. Even though she is small she can still dream big. One morning I saw her jump from the top of the ramp flapping her little wings trying to fly and then she just fell.. she landed on her feet but she looked a bit disappointed. She's still a cutie though!



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  1. highcountrybell
    that's awesome luck! I cant wait for mine to get big enough to tell their sex.
  2. ChickenLover200
  3. BantamFan4Life
    Nice! Your Silkies are beautiful :)
  4. ChickenLover200
    What color(s)?
  5. Brookliner
    They are so cute and cuddly looking. I will be getting 2 silkie hens this summer. I can't wait.

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