Things people say to chicken keepers

By mymilliefleur · Dec 1, 2014 · Updated Dec 1, 2014 · ·
  1. mymilliefleur
    What do people think of your chickens? Well ever heard any of these:

    ''Did you just touch that chicken??''

    ''AAhhhh Get that creature away from me!!!!!!!''

    ''Here's my hand sanitizer, I think you need it''

    ''What do you mean 'hold this bird for a minute' ??''

    ''Excuse me, but that bird over there is giving me the evil eye''


    ''Those bantam eggs are so cute! are they edible?''

    ''Eggs come out of chickens Butts??? GROSS!!!''

    ''Why are those eggs Green??''

    ''Go in the run with those filthy creatures?? NO way!''

    ''Chickens have great wings, they're just too dumb to fly''


    ''I gather the bearded ones are roosters''

    ''So if the bantams lay those little eggs, do the roosters lay the jumbo eggs?''

    ''Hey, you've got a rotten egg here!''

    ''Whats wrong with THAT one??''

    ''You mean to tell me that Roosters can not lay???''


    ''There's something out the window!! it has long nails and a beak!! RRUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!''

    ''See, I'm not crazy, those chicken's are trying to get to us!!''

    ''I didn't know chickens and turkeys could interbreed"

    ''Your going to eat that cute bird?? I will always buy my food at the store!!''

    ''I'm getting OUT of here!!''


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  1. MyPetNugget
    LOL!! It's crazy how people can be this way!!!
  2. ChickenLady2014
    Lol these comments are too funny. I've had people scrunch up their face and say what's with the blue & green eggs in the carton? I've told them they are from my EE's, they said " ewe I'll take the white & brown eggs but not the colored ones. That's just too weird" ha, ha
  3. cackleberrycam
  4. mymilliefleur
    HaHa! some people don't know anything about chickens. the lady who told me the one about bantam eggs being edible actually raises easter eggers, and other chickens.
  5. familyfarm1
    LOL! some people tell me not to eat chicken eggs but to eat the ones from the store!:-D Great article!
  6. Mountain Peeps
    Nice! I am most often asked why my chickens are so tame!
  7. MsPoultry
    Lolls that's sad people are so......not knowledgable about chickens I've heard a TON of those you should also add "wait roosters are chickens?"

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