This is how I know which day it is for incubation

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    Hello everyone,
    today I will be showing you how I keep track of what day of incubation it is.

    Keep in mind this doesn’t work on all incubators.

    Step #1 Get out your incubator with all your eggs in it.

    Step #2 Get a dry erase marker. Any color the darker the better.

    Step #3 start writing the day, how many fertile eggs, how many more days, or anything like that.

    I do this instead of writing it down for reasons like....

    Saving paper

    You can change it each day by just erasing it

    If you need to remember to do something it’s written right on your incubator

    Also it’s sometimes fun to just draw on it and have fun with it!

    Thanks for reading enjoy! Here are some steps to walk you through it in order with pictures

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Keep in mind if you leave the marker on for a long time sometimes you might need to get a wet paper towel

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