Incubator vs. Broody hen

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    Broody hens

    • Broody hens, usually have better hatch rates than incubators do.

    • You don’t have to raise the chicks and worry, about heat lamps. Or cleaning out a gross brooder box.

    • You get to see the momma raise the chicks!
    Downs: You don’t get the hands on experience, you get when you hatch.

    • You don’t get to raise the chicks.

    • You don’t get any eggs, from the hen until the chick can be on its own.
    Incubators E980D097-D05C-4322-B52C-61172C50638C.jpeg


    • You get to have a hands on experience, with hatching chicks.

    • You also get to raise chicks, and they will be more socal to you and more friendly to humans.

    • You can watch them hatching with a clear window view.


    • You have to clean out dirty brooder boxes, and deal with heat lamps and if the power goes out.

    • You have to raise them.

    • You might not get good hatch rates, and have to deal with incubator heat and humidity. 689DB5B8-C876-4D95-AB32-F453C52A9928.jpeg

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