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Tinks Eggs

By TinkyFeathers, Apr 26, 2012 | Updated: Jun 29, 2012 | |
  1. TinkyFeathers

    Hello and welcome to my page!!! Tink was a beautiful hen I used to have. She passed away in April and I miss her dearly. So my username is named after her. Right now I have one rooster, Comet who is a silkie, and six bantam hens, 4 big hens, and 27 five week old chicks - 2 questionable roosters, 2 possibly roosters, and I think the rest are hens. I have 17 different breeds because we like a variety here!

    here's three of my broodies currently. They are kind of dirty looking.

    And this is my rooster Comet trying to get emily to nest by him. I don't think he knows that hens are supposed to nest up in the nest box :p
    Here's Lacey one of my mixed bantams on the roost
    And Lily, my sweet little silkie! She got REALLY sick from trichamonas which is what I believe killed Tink. So we brought her to the vet and he gave us medicine and the flock is healthy now. But it was really scary seeing Lily that sick. When I first put her back in the flock you should have seen her and Comet (they grew up together) they were just totally in love.
    Here's a pic of them taking a dust bath together when they were reunited.
    My hen Emily Rose was the only chick I hatched myself. Her daddy was this beautiful boy, Red(RIP)
    [​IMG]And her mom was one of these white hens[​IMG][​IMG]
    And she came out buff colored![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]And today:[​IMG]
    Before I ever hatched Emily I had ordered 8 chicks from a hatchery. Today I've only got Cora the barred rock and Lavender a welsummer. Here's the chicks [​IMG]
    Lavender as a chick:[​IMG]Lavender now:[​IMG][​IMG]
    And Cora as a chick:[​IMG]Cora now:[​IMG][​IMG]
    Here's a shot from "under" the chickens :p
    This is my beautiful Tink<3

    My coops
    That's a six by eight that my chicks live in ^^^^^
    And this one is my original 8x8
    My second coop (the first pic) used to belong to my dad. Here's some pics of his flock that he sold.
    This little rooster I called Arista [​IMG]
    My hen Rainy, being a broody.[​IMG]
    My sweetest hen, Chloe[​IMG]
    Lacey taking a dust bath[​IMG]
    Four broodies [​IMG][​IMG]
    primrose [​IMG] Rainy [​IMG]
    Comet as a chick ->[​IMG]
    Laying eggs together [​IMG]
    My beautiful queen, Athena. She's the queen because she's always been at the top of the pecking order and she's very wise. [​IMG]

    Okay and now for my chicks!! Hang in there I still have 27 to introduce! ;D
    I'll put pics at the first day, then pics now. :)

    Dottie [​IMG][​IMG]
    Thibault [​IMG][​IMG]
    Peach and Elspeth[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Lottie [​IMG]

    Vera [​IMG][​IMG]
    Ave maria [​IMG]
    Pearl Silvertoes[​IMG][​IMG]
    And last but definatley not least, Raleigh![​IMG]

    Thank you for viewing!

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