Welcome to Tinky Feather's member page! I'll just post whatever I please on here soo... bear with me! Also if you'd like to check out my blog, I started it up again. This will have more regular updates about the chickens.

Hi!!!!!!!!!! This is my page! It's a blog, or going to be one. The oldest posts are towards the bottom and the bottomest one is how I started and current chickens :D

June 27th

My broodies<3

June 24th
I have three broody hens! Orginally it was just Rainy but then Primrose decided to join her and then so did Em Rose. And I changed Em's name. It used to be Emily Rose but I know to many emily's that are mean, so now its just em or more simpally "m" lol. Anywho they are sitting on six eggs. I'm going to candle them tonight and see if i got anything. I don't know if I will because Comet only mates the bantam hens as far as I'm aware and these eggs are all from the big girls. We've got mostly cora and chloe eggs under there. I'd love to have little babies from them! In fact I'd love to have babies from all my hens lol. I really want to get one of those hova bators or the mini advance this christmas because I'm gonna have lots o eggs that need a hatchin! I'll probably have to sell most of them but it will still be nice to know that somewhere out there my chickens offspring live on! Unless of course they eat them.... hmmm chicken math. Time to save for another coop! LOL. I got some 5 wk old pics.

Isn't she just beautiful?!?!

And this little one "Zelma" isn't looking like a girl anymore...

Action shot!

This EE grew some beautiful feathers!

It's so interesting seeing what the ee's and all the chicks in general turn out like. Ya never know what to expect! My dad had five he got from the feed store once and all but one were silver colored. (the picture at the top of the page is my dads easter eggers (and barred rocks) idk why the pic went up there but oh well :p)

June 20th!

Here's some 4 wk old pics!!​
black cochin
ronnie rir
flo ee
buff cochin
sun tanning
raleighs pretty feathas

almost done...... lol

ok all done theres their 4wk old pics. I wasn't gonna post ALL of them but then i figured WHY NOT???!

June 19th!

So we got the baby chicks the day after I posted for may 18th. I've been busy with them! They are now a month old and sooooooo cute. So I'll tell ya our current totals and I have like five gazillion pics but im not sure if i'll have time to upload each and evryone right now.
So in the original flock who lives in our big coop which i call The Main Stay we have Athena, Chloe, Lavender, and Cora as our big hens. Then for bantams we've got Comet the roo and his hens Lily, Emily rose, claire, rainy, primrose, and lacey. Primrose and Rainy are sitting on a clutch of six eggs together. I don't have very high hopes they will hatch since I don't think Comet mates the big girls and they are only big eggs. But I had broodies so why waste em! :p

In the second coop I have all the chicks. So we got a 1. turken, Nike who blushes! 2. absaroke a beautiful silver lakenvelder, 3. etta a goofy little cochin, 4. zelma, etta's not as friendly sister, 5. beatrice a calm partridge rock, 6. peach a little cochin and 7. Peaches sister, Elspeth. 8. Abenaki a little light brahma who looks nothing like one :p 9. a funny little partridge cochin, Darcy, who has a HUGE eye. 10. Isabel and friendly red star and 11. Ave Maria, another sweet red star. 12. Thibault a gorgeous blrw, 13. Carlisle the handsome little cockeral blrw, 14. Raleigh another super friendly blrw and 15, Pearl Silvertoes the shyest blrw.16, a completley wild ee named finelli and 17 her "cousin" flo an equally wild ee 18. vera a beautiful minorca who is happiest perching, 19. vera's sister, Hoku. 20, Clara, hoku's friend who is a large jersey giant :) 21. stella a certain little white orp that swallowed a small mouse WHOLE O.O scary sight! she eats everything too! 22. harriet, stella's sister :p 23. ronnie my stunning dark red RIR, 24. lilibeth a beautiful yet wild glw, 25. dottie a spotted silver spangled hamburg and 26, lottie her sister. and last but not least 27. gloria a BEAUTIFUL speckled sussex!

I cannot WAIT for all these ladies to start laying eggs so I can make a profit on my mini farm! And I'm also excited for next year to breed them and see what kind of mixtures will come out! lol

So my to-do list now is to finish expanding the run for the main stay coop and for the second coop building a run. And also painting the main stay coop yellow. :)


May 18th 2012
The chicks are coming in 3 days! I'm super excited. I forgot to add that we added on two buff cochins to our order. They are hatching tomorrow then shipping out tomorrow and should be here by monday! Woooooooop!
I've been working on setting up my second coop. I got it cleaned/pressure washed out now and I've got to paint it and decide how I want the interior design to be!
My hen Lily was sick for a week but we brought her to a vet (A very cocky and expensive one :roll) but he fixed her all up and she's doing tons better now. Turns out she had trichmonas or some parasite named like that. So she's been taking her meds and moved back into the coop a couple days ago!
And I also sold Ginny! To a very friendly couple! I hope they love her too!

April 21st 2012
Well change of plans folks!!!! We ordered chicks from a hatchery yesterday and they will be in here in exactly one month. I AM SO EXCITED! My dad will be giving me his extra coop this weekend or next weekend and that's where they will be living. So!! On to the fun part! I'm going to post what I got then post a picture of that bird as a chick and what it will look like when its older. I did this last time I ordered too lol. SO THIS PICTURES ARE NOT MINE, I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE, I REPEAT PICTURES ARE NOT MINE.

The first one we ordered is the EE!

Which could look like this:

Then we got two female black cochins!


Then we got one black Jersey giant. Which I really like because my old hen that my dog killed was this breed I think and I miss her a lot.

As an adult:

Then two black minorcas, way excited for them!


Then three blue laced red wyandottes. They were only available st. run so we hope we get females but if one is a boy that's alright because we don't have any big boys yet, just my little Comet.


Next I got 1 buff orpington :D SO STINKIN CUTE!

As Adults:

Just one GLW

Then two silver lakenvelders!

Two light brahmas :D

1 partridge rock! :D

Two Red Stars. I just love the red stars I have now. Every one I've ever had has always been super outgoing and friendly.

1 RIR hen

1 Speckled Sussex girly :D Last time I ordered this they sexed it wrong and I ended up with a big fat boy who turned evil lol so hope this hatchery gets it right! :p

Two silver spangled hamburgs :D

and the one I'm SUPER excited for, A TURKEN!!!! We tried to order more than just one but there wasn't anymore available...

And last but not least! Two white opringtons! :D

So that's it! Unless you count the free "exotic" they'll throw in. we figured we'd sign up for that, extra warmth and perhaps an extra hen! :p Were not sure if we'll keep all these buggers just because there are so much... but we might end up keeping them for an egg buisness or something. I dunno, we'll worry about it in a month! lol For now i'm just jumping up and down with joy XD I am SO ready for chicks again! It's been too long!

On a different note, Tink and Chloe are living in a dog pen because Ginny is pecking at their toes... so I need to figure out a solution to that. Sell Ginny and everythings fine or fix up their toes and see if she stops. I really like Ginny she's a funny hen but I can't have her pecking my other chickens toes until they bleed... we'll see. My chickens have scaly leg mites so once I get that all fixed up maybe my problems will go away. On that note, I best be going out to the coop to start dipping their feet in oil. JOY TO THE WORLD.

March 22nd 2012
It's almost hatching timeeeee! I'm so excited! I would already have chicks a couple weeks along but Lily decided she didn't want to be broody. :( So I'm waiting for her to go again and I'll set my egglets. :D Then I'm also going to buy a couple EE's and various other breeds. I'm UBER excited! I haven't had babies for almost two years! I just sold five of the six chickens that my dad gave me for my birthday. I wish I could have kept them because they laid beautiful eggs but they had some bad habits so I decided to sell them. I kept GInny though because I don't know, I just liked her a lot from the get go. She's very smart and I think they didn't have a ton of food at their old home because she's weird about treats. So I always make sure she gets treats to let her know they aren't going away =P

Here's my background info, how I started! And my current totals. :)

We started raising chickens in the summer of 2009 :)
And currently we have an australorp hen named Athena. Who is miss bossy pants of the flock ;) Tinkerbell and Chloe our Red Stars. Four mixed bantams I got for my birthday way back when, Lacey, Primrose, Claire, and Rainy. A welsummer and a Barred Rock we ordered from Meyer Hatchery, Lavender and Cora. And Emily Rose who we hatched out of our Red and one of those bantams plus two white silkies, Comet and Lily. Everybody lives happily in my 8X8 chicken coop and I hope to hatch out a bunch o' babies this spring! [I've included some pictures of my previous chickens :)] Also around Christmas, my dad gave me six chickens from a guy at work, I kept one golden comet from the bunch and she's a friendly sweet gal named Ginny who is very inquisitve and smart.
Shadow, a Sumatra










Red, the daddy of Emily Rose :)
















All of them went broody lol



Marigold (An EE) and Mable (Buff Cochin) were best friends:





















The "Watering Hole" lol



Thanks for viewing :)