1. Basic Cooler Incubator

Who would have known that your picnic staple could do more than chill your drinks and salads? Ta-dah! It can keep your eggs warm too! Read about it here.
Untitled design (31).jpg

2. Giant Cooler Incubator

You know what they say: Go big or go home! The guy who makes this giant cooler incubator surely isn’t going home! More eggs = more chicks! Check out this biggie here.
Untitled design (32).jpg

3. Eco-friendly Incubator

This member kept it simple, with Mother Earth in mind. It doesn’t need to be complicated--and neither does it need to be toxic to the environment. We can create awesome incubators with the simple stuff we have lying around! Less carbon footprint means we leave little to no damage in the environment.
Untitled design (33).jpg

4. The Eggubator

Admit it, you wish you thought about that awesome name first! LOL It might sound punny (no pun intended), this incubator is well-made, and the materials used can be easily found in hardware stores or perhaps you already have it in your garage.
Untitled design (34).jpg