Two laying daily Four are freeloaders......

By HobbyChic · May 17, 2015 · ·
  1. HobbyChic
    I have four cochin hens and the man "Deufuss". I get two eggs a day, even thru the winter, sometimes 4 eggs but mostly two.
    The two rescue chickens don't lay at all maybe one egg every 2 months. What is wrong with these girls? The four cochins and roo I raised from
    peeps. The other two came from a flock that was wiped out. The red isn't too bad but the black and white is a real "B". She rules the roost and
    the rooster. And doesn't lay. They free range and also beg for treats. My cochins are very friendly.
    Why won't they all lay? I tried my hand at incubating a dozen frizzle cochins. Killed the whole batch but one hatched. Lived 4 days and died.
    Had a couple of my girls thrown in and dropped one, of course that one had a half formed chick. Others were rotten.
    Now I'm trying to incubate dozen silkie eggs and due in a week. So far so good.
    What are I doing wrong, do I need a bigger coup? Heating lamp and light on most of the winter, electric bill was a wee high.
    Spring came and it was like getting a raise. Electric bill went down. They have a timer so their light stays on for a couple hours after dark.
    My girls are definitely pets. And the roo.[​IMG]
    Henny Penny and B.B. lay an egg every day, this I know because they go to the coupe individually and when each is done they started bragging.

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  1. mightymax
    Do you happen to know how old the 'freeloaders' are? Because if they're any older than 3, maybe if you're lucky, 4 years old, they probably wouldn't be laying more than just a couple of eggs every month or so. Their ability to lay an egg a day diminishes as the number in their given ages increases, so perhaps you don't really have some no good 'freeloader' chickens on your hands, perhaps you just have some 'free-olders' chickens on your !!! Good Luck figuring out which ones you have.

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