Waiting for the mail to get here takes forever and ever. I have 10 + Rhode Island Red Bantam hatching eggs on the way, they were sent out yesterday and I am hoping that they get here today. If not they'll get here tomorrow . I got my button quail yesterday totally excited. And I am still but waiting is so very very very ver hard. Its like Christmas eve when you're a little kid knowing that there are going to be presents under that tree waiting for you..
Well in my case my parents telling me Sunshine you need to go to bed or Santa wont come.. Okay mom, me laying in bed looking out the window waiting to see Rudolph and that shiny red nose of his and listening for the jingle of the sleigh bells. Wow talk about a trip down memory lane. A happy memory of course. But totally got side tracked like no ones business.
Anyway now I know kinda sorta how a hen feels.. Waiting ever so patiently on her nest turning those egglets making sure that they hatch like a good momma hen should... Its like playing BINGO , praying hoping that they will call out your number you mark it off and yell BINGO what did I win? Hatching eggs AWESOME wooooooooooohoooooooo.. anyway I dont think the mail is ever going to get here. I saw a UPS truck held my breath but then I realized oh wait shoot its coming thru regular mail aww pickles. So I thought that i would sit and write something to pass the time. But its not helping hehehee.
And none of my friends are online :( and knowing my luck my hubby will see the mail and go get them booooo.. Im the momma hen not you lol hehehehehe... anyway im not good at waiting patiently it sucks BOOOOO. Nothing can distract me from that mail .. Looks up nope still no mail lady and no truck aww phewie.. Aww they didnt come today theres always tomorrow :(