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By sadfacethehen · Jan 21, 2019 · ·
  1. sadfacethehen
    When feeding your hens .Don't forget to make sure they always have an adequate supply of water and also another source of water for if there water runs out and you are not back to supply more or gets knocked over. Especially when you are feeding layers pellets.
    Feeding layers pellets is good for all of the nutrition that it will give but is a dried food and hens cans become egg bound and worse still there crop can become full and without water they will die.
    Unfortunately this happened to my beautiful hen last night. It is very sad news as her chick is still young and would go everywhere with her. She had survived being eaten by a fox when her friends were eaten and now she has died from my own stupidity.
    It is a lesson but it has cost this poor hens life and now those who are left behind are suffering.
    When taking on these feathered friends remember they are your responsibility and no matter what you have to make sure to do things right. Does anyone have any idea of something I could do to help her chick? Life is precious chickens are a simple reminder of this.

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    "Very short."
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    Very short article with not much description or information unfortunately.
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    Lovely article
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  1. Clubber1234
    It would be better if you post a thread asking what to do for her chick because you will get more replies!
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    1. sadfacethehen
      thanks for that perhaps i could post this elsewhere,can you suggest somewhere?
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    2. Clubber1234
      Um well its a good article!
      But maybe post questions in a thread in the "Feeding and watering your hens"section.
  2. BReeder!
    how old is the chick? If she is small, is there another hen raising chicks that will take her under her wing or do you have a brooder? You could set up a brooder if needed. Just a tote, heat lamp, thermometer, waterer and feeder will get you going. Brooded chicks start at a temp of 90F and then you decrease it 5 degrees every week until 70F. It takes 5 full weeks. Deduct 5 degrees for each week of the chick's age and start there. If the chick is over 5 weeks old, it depends on outside temps. You may need to bring the chick in if it's cold out.
    I offer water and feed constantly. We have a 3 gallon waterer with poultry nipples for our 7 hens that we keep full. If the chick is possibly prone to crop issues, you could soak or even ferment the feed. I ferment my feed in the warmer months.
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    1. sadfacethehen
      Gosh i never heard of fermenting feed,what a good idea.The chick is about 5 months old.I have no other hen who seems willing to take her under her wing.
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    2. BReeder!

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