What to do if your chick has an infected yolk sack

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    First you should make sure your chick actually has an infected yolk sack it should look like a swollen round abnormally large bottom and usually it will have a blood spot on it

    If you still aren’t completely sure that’s what your chick has then don’t worry just see if it looks similar to the pictures in the gallery or on the cover page

    Note: infected yolk sacks can look better or possibly even worse than the pictures in the gallery

    You might be wondering why infected yolk sacks happen well they happen when a chick hatches too early or if you did an assisted hatch and it didn’t get the full time it needed to absorb its yolk sack

    Now that you know if your chick has an infected yolk sack there’s two ways to go you can eather cull or save if you want to cull your chick you probably already know what to do but if you want to save your chick you will have to follow these instructions closely

    1 first get out a yogurt container and wash it and dry it
    2 pick up your chick with its legs and yolk sack going towards the ground
    3 put your chick in the container making sure it’s not to tight or too loose to roll around in

    That’s all folks
    Thank you so much for reading this article hope you found this helpful!! B2340B6D-184D-4C68-AD6C-D4CD76DE3F8E.jpeg 07D61E56-518A-4D5C-B8A5-D3081226ECE1.jpeg 64CD97F3-DB05-4E20-B75A-95FA6C3D0F02.jpeg B2340B6D-184D-4C68-AD6C-D4CD76DE3F8E.jpeg 07D61E56-518A-4D5C-B8A5-D3081226ECE1.jpeg 64CD97F3-DB05-4E20-B75A-95FA6C3D0F02.jpeg B2340B6D-184D-4C68-AD6C-D4CD76DE3F8E.jpeg

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    "Article needs more details"
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    What do you do with the yogurt container? How long does the chick need to be treated and what do you treat with? and etc.
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    Article states to put a chick in a yogurt container and ends. My question is why and what comes next?
    1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
      I made that article a long time ago and reading it over again that makes a lot of sense thanks I will fix it


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