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    Comb Injury Isn’t Healing

    My Pullet injured her comb a few weeks ago and it hasnt healed. I think it might even been getting worse. I’ve been putting Veterycin on it but it hasn’t done much. Any ideas? I put Liquid bandage on it so the others don’t make it worse. Haven’t seen anybody pick on her comb. She’s actually...
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    Please help! Goat ate rubber surgical glove!

    Thank you! Called the vet asking for advice and she said she should be fine! She Said to just keep an eye on her and make sure she is pooping. Sweet little lady is acting more like herself now with NO coughing fits. Thanks for all the advice. (That's her in pic. Doing one of her smiles) :wee:wee
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    Please help! Goat ate rubber surgical glove!

    That makes me feel a little better! Last night her stomach felt hard and this morning it feels a bit softer. Is this good or bad?
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    Please help! Goat ate rubber surgical glove!

    Believe me, anything helps! Thanks! She is eating fine. Should I let her or limit food? They are on pasture full time and have access to hay. We do have a vet nearby and I have a feeling we might be making a call:barnie these goats!!
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    Please help! Goat ate rubber surgical glove!

    Please help! I had a few rubber surgical gloves out because a few goats have colds and I use a different glove for each goat. I had 2 gloves (I'm absolutely sure it was 2) when I looked over to see one of my goats chomping on something. I didn't think much of it because she had just been chewing...
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    Unique chicken contest!

    Love those big feathered feet!!!
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    Favorite Chicken!?!

    Thanks. :lol:
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    Favorite Chicken!?!

    LOL!!!! We have a rooster named Mr. Mop.
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    Favorite Chicken!?!

    I love it!!! :lau:lol::lau
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    Favorite Chicken!?!

    Frankie looks like a Welsummer to me!! probably a barnyard mix. Beautiful though!!! What's her name?
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    My ducks butt..?

    Sorry about all this!!! Hope she gets well. :fl
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    Chicken stuck in monsoon. In house cold.

    My bantam brahma pullet got stuck in our AZ monsoon. The lightning stopped (finally) so I ran out, grabbed her, and brought her inside. She is currently wrapped in a towel on my lap. She is shivering, cold, wet, and muddy. And tips on keeping her warm and preventing hypothermia???
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    15 laying hens 6 eggs (slackers) We have 30 pullets ready to lay any day now!! so HOPEFULLY we will get a FEW more!!!!
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