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    Goose has weird marks please help

    This is my goose violet and she’s been rather quiet and docile these past few days. And now she has this huge red rash underneath her neck and I need help knowing what it is and how to deal with it. Could it be my other goose? She’s very protective of violet and is much more aggressive towards...
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    Questions about broodiness ?

    Hi my name is Aidan and I’ve been mainly incubating all of my turken eggs but one day I walked into the normal egg laying spot and one of my turkens was puffing up her feathers and making a growling sound of course she still let me pet her but then I realized she was broody and had around 15...
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    Please help me help my brahma’s foot

    Thank you everybody for helping me. And yes I checked all of my other birds and none of them had anything to worry about and I know y’all said he’d be fine with the stump but any ideas on actually making him another leg if I could ? Would that work
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    Please help me help my brahma’s foot

    If it’s frost bite I guess that would kind of make sense I’m in Texas and we just had that snow storm. But he’s been in the shed since before then wouldn’t my other chickens have it who stayed out side during the the whole thing? I also had chicks in there during the snow storm and they did just...
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    Please help me help my brahma’s foot

    Also I should mention I let him outside once and the first thing he did was eat grass then fight my other big rooster (a Turken) and he won 😂 but his other foot started bleeding that time too so I brought him back inside
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    Please help me help my brahma’s foot

    Sorry for the first blurry picture
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    Please help me help my brahma’s foot

    This guy is my alpha rooster of all my rooster he’s the biggest and strongest chicken I’ve ever had and sadly one day I can home from school with him having a bloody foot so I picked him up and took him to the shed to inspect and what I found was his scales/skin were gone you could pretty much...
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    Please help my turkey is sick

    My turkey is a royal palm and I don’t know how old she is but she’s about the same size as my adult female bourbon red hen. But I just noticed today she has bumps sticking out of her face and I was wondering what it is and how to fix it. I think it’s a respiratory infection from what I’ve...
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    Turken breeding

    Thank you I will definitely buy some Cochins
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    Turken breeding

    Yes I used to have polish id love to buy some more and see what happens and I will also put some ameruacanas in
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    Turken breeding

    Hi my name is Aidan and I’ve recently got into breeding turkens (naked necks) and I was wondering if y’all could suggest other breeds to mix them with to get really pretty of I have one lavender orpington in with the others so we’ll see what happens with that. I was also...
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    Ok honestly I thought ducks needed duck feed too but I feed them nature wise 16% percent protein layer feed pellets and they do fine eating that and eating stuff from the pond and land that they hunt on. They haven’t had any problems I’ve noticed and they really haven’t slowed down on egg...
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    Need help please

    So three days ago a big lump in the side of my turkeys neck popped up I think it’s a respiratory infection but my mom thinks it’s a piece of food or something like that but if it is a respiratory infection what should I do. I’d rather him not but be killed he is like my pet he’s very social.
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