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    Candy fart egg

    Wow! My candy Easter egg Whoppers get a little fart egg in the box :)
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    Asparagus question

    I tend to agree that you should plan them and see. If you really need to talk to someone try your local extension office and ask for the Master Gardener person or their phone number.
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    Are sheep or goats more picky?

    It will be lamb wrangling today :) tagging and finding a good one for a young friends 4H project. Thinking this nice ewe lamb will be a keeper to the flock. These are hair sheep. They don't have usable wool. They shed thier coat each spring.
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    Are sheep or goats more picky?

    If outside on pasture sheep are the better grazer. Goats are more of a brusher. Inside the barn the trick is the style of feeder. They pull the feed out. Most of what falls to the ground will be soiled and they won't eat it. We have feeders that are a V shape frame on top with the sides of...
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    Wonderful Dog breeds..Past and present..

    A Lamb and her dog
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    Just how useful is a rooster anyway?

    I like roosters. I like having roosters in the flock. After the great chicken loss of 2017 I don't currently have any large roosters. When my flock was at its largest, 35 + birds I had two roosters and they did a nice job of supervising their collective group. Everybody free ranged together...
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    Wonderful Dog breeds..Past and present..

    The small dog breed of my heart is Schipperkes. When they passed I knew I needed a larger breed on the farm but was undecided. A friend breeds Rough Collies and Gunner joined the family a number of years ago. I have sheep and needed a partner with an "off" switch. Gunner is a beautiful Blue...
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    Hello from PNW - it’s been a while

    Over the past number of years I’ve had about 45 chickens running around. No predictor issues for years. I was hit with a trifecta over a year ago with 2 female raccoons that moved into the barn and had kits, new home builder cleared brush and displaced his coyote pack and a Bald Eagle hit me and...
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    Egg Incubation Projetc

    Hatching Eggs in IncuCube Bator Set the eggs when temp was stable at 100.0 F for more than 2 days. The egg turnes cups were on the small side for my Brabanter eggs so I tried to just use the larger white. Also added to random brown eggs from Gus's flock as "something different" and...
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    Mason Bee Project

    Mason Bee ~ Orchard Bee Updated: 2010-03-27, 7:33 pm It amazes what great pollenators the Mason Bee is, all a person ever hears about is the Honey Bee but it turns out the Mason Bee is hard at work for such a short time pollenating orchards/fruit trees and then gone before mid summer is here...
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    Andalusns Page

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? Answer: Gus, the rooster! Updated 2:03 p.m. (PST) 2011-02-19 To bring him home led to the great coop project! A friend that no longer was keeping chickens gave us his hen house. It was no easy task to load it on a trailer and transfer it home. A...
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    Pickled egg recipes? Can you pickle Serama eggs or just the large eggs

    I am looking for pickled eggs recipes. Do you prefer them sweet or sour? I see some online that are made with beet juice too.. I have standard size eggs to pickle but was wondering if anyone has tried to pickled the smaller bantam or Serama eggs?
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    checking out the forum on my new Kindle Fire - wooo hooo!

    I have the kindle app on my phone and really like it for those times when your stuck waiting longer than expected. The regular Kindle I use daily for reading but I have dithered for some time about an Ipad, I just wanted something that was larger, fit in my bag and use when I am at the coffee...
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    Ok you live frugal but Christmas is right around the corner. Now what.

    Our two boys are grown and learning to live on their own. Last year I found on sale at Barnes & Noble binder recipe books with blank pages. Contacted relatives for favorite recipes which they emailed back. Got busy on the computer and made recipe pages in Word of favorites I have made over...
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    checking out the forum on my new Kindle Fire - wooo hooo!

    Have had the Kindle Fire since Wednesday but not a lot of free time to do much until now. I'm on the wifi at home. Page load time is acceptible. Living out in the country I don't really have options for lightening fast speeds from the phone company & cable is not an option. Book reading has...
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