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    Help choosing a name for registration.. Pic Added

    No, there are no rules. I am free to choose what ever I like :)
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    Help choosing a name for registration.. Pic Added

    Hey everybody.I know this is an older post, but I am back looking for more name suggestions. I ended up naming my first Yorkie, Oliver and his CKC name is Oliver's Magnificent Storm. I have a female now and I need help with a CKC name for her. We are calling her Bella. The Dam is Worrell's...
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    My How Times Change

    My how times change........ I remember not to long ago sitting in my backyard watching 8 chickens scratching around and having the time of there lives. Now I have a total of 60 chickens and 13 ducks. I can not believe how addicting this is. I started out with 1 incubator and now I have 3. My...
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    Barnyards Page

    Hello everybody! Just thought I would tell ya'll a little bit about myself. Now where do I begin....... I am a stay at home mom of 4 amazing kids, and 1 dh. I live in SW Georgia, in one of those little town's that if you blink you miss it, lol. I never dreamed that I would own chickens. I have...
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    WTB Serama Pullets or Hens In or near Georgia

    I am looking for Serama's with in driving distance of Albany Georgia. I am looking for size A, maybe B's. If anybody has some please let me know. Thanks.
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    Treat for worms or upper respiratory-more chickens sick every day!

    I use the safeguard for horses on my chickens and they do well with it
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    Quote: Agree 100% I don't believe it is sunburn, but instead really happy rooster
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    Day old chick with mattered eye's

    Quote: Thank you. I have some of that I will start them on it now.
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    Day old chick with mattered eye's

    I have 2 chicks, one that hatched 3 day's ago with the same issue as this one that just hatched today. The eyes are mattered shut and when I clean them they seem to water a little, and then matter up again. No other signs or symptoms as of right now. Any ideas what this could be? These are eggs...
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    Help with head injury on a day old chick

    Well, I tried The little fellow didn't make it
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    Help with head injury on a day old chick

    Thanks for the opinions.... I do plan on saving this little guy if possible. I have chicks hatching as we speak so I will just put him in with them. He is doing ok, for now. In a quiet warm brooder, by himself, but right beside another brooder where he can see the others. I am not above having...
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    Help with head injury on a day old chick

    Well, mama hen hatched 5 chicks outside she has decided it is time for them to explore the yard. I found one of the chicks upside down on its back, when I picked it up I noticed that the top of the scalp had been peeled back some how. I don't know if one of the older chickens...
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    quick help!!! blood

    I would just leave it alone and let it do its thing. Could just be a little extra that hasn't absorbed yet.
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    button quail

    You may be able to call the pet store in the mall and see if they would be willing to take them. Just a thought Good luck.
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    Help choosing a name for registration.. Pic Added

    Quote: Freedom is exactly what I was hoping for I do like Little Oliver Twist and Oliver's Magnificent Storm...Very good. Thank you!
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