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    Barnevelder breeders lets work together and improve the breed

    I think Its a bid step in a better direction.

    Barnevelder breeders lets work together and improve the breed

    New and improved i have worked very hard over the past to years and this is what I have now.

    Blue Laced Red Orpington?????

    09 Spring rooster still needs to do some growing

    My blue laced orpington project

    This rooster is from this springs hatch and he has not developed his comb all the way yet but he has great body and color. For those who dont know I imported these birds from england 3 years ago and have been working on increasing my numbers to the point that I can make them available to the...

    Golden Laced Orpingtons

    this is a pic i took today of my gl roo 3-9-2009 keep in mind my stock is only about 10 months old and they are not full color or size yet. this is a pic that was posted on another thread of a GLO in the UK compare if you like but its very clear that I have what I say I have. here are some of...

    Golden Laced Orpingtons

    Quote: Importing eggs involves finding a breeder that wants to go to the trouble. You have to get the paper work from the USDA send it to your seller and they then have to have their flock Vet checked and follow all of the procedures that a lined out for them on the paper work. After all of...

    Golden Laced Orpingtons

    Im not selling yet but this is what I have. I am aware that they are not of the Quality of some of the stock in the UK how ever that is where this stock came from. I did not get my stock from a show farm and I know they will still need some work to get them to their full glory.

    Orpington lovers lets see what you have any lavenders yet?

    Quote: What did you cross to get all of these colors and where did you get your original stock from? I was noticing it looks like some of them have white lobes? its almost like you are getting some lacing is this what you were going for or did it just happen? To cool it should be fun to see...

    Barnevelder breeders lets work together and improve the breed

    here are some of my most recent Barnevelder chicks
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