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    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    Stuffed Bird - $90 (Quinlan,Texas) craigslist - Map data OpenStreetMap I need to find a home for my bird. He is house broke, very friendly,faithful to always be there for you. I call him Henry. There is a small rehome fee of $90 to cover the cost of training and shots. If you think you...
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    Funniest Things A City Slicker Has Ever Said To You?

    OOOO! I finally get to add a funny! We have some sort of illness running around at work. I managed to catch it myself last week. I was just as miserable as I could be and talking to my mother (city girl through and through) on the phone. She was/is convinced that I had swine flu because I have...
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    Green Cheek Conure Breeding?

    I have never bred conures, but I have bred plently of cockatiels and parakeets over the years. My first thought after reading your post is that they need to be moved to a quieter location. He will pick on her to get her to fly away from a perceived threat. Also, parrots need plenty of sleep at...
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    Mysterious Horse Death-Odd symptoms

    Any chance of opossums in your pasture? I am so dreadfully sorry for your heartbreaking loss.
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    Unusual Coturnix Quail Chick?

    OOO, I want to see it all grown up - subscribing! :)
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    Would someone mind giving me an idea what kind of duck this is, please?

    Thanks, aprille218 and Amiga! I never guessed a splash - makes sense. So, to make more of her, I need either a splash drake or a blue one? She's just so pretty (IMHO). Thanks again!!
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    Would someone mind giving me an idea what kind of duck this is, please?

    I purchased this duck as a baby almost two years ago from a feed store that is supplied by Ideal, I believe. She was a pretty yellow ducky with a silvery sheen to her and dark legs. She was a bit bigger than the others in the pen so I named her Grey Goose. I think she turned out to be one of the...
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    D'uccle Thread

    Ok, I am slooooowly trying to read all 900+ pages, but I really, really wanted some opinions on my birds. So, I am going to attempt to post their photos here. I am hoping to maybe try my hand at a new hobby since my kids are abandoning me, I mean, moving on to bigger and better things. lol I'm...
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    Guess The Breed!!! Dog Edition!!!!

    Oh, how sad! What a beautiful sweet girl she was. She will be in your heart always. I was going to post today to tell everyone how impressed I have been by this game. I read through the whole thing - took almost a week since I could only sneak in occasionally). I posted on it months ago, then...
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    Guess The Breed!!! Dog Edition!!!!

    :) Yes, they are Koolies (or Coolies, whichever spelling you prefer) lol
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    Invading neighbor roo!

    I am guessing your roo doesn't really see them as 'his.' and, yeah, it would be nice if your neighbor could confine his roo. Would maybe locking your roo up with the new ones for a few days do the trick? Just your roo maybe in their nursery pen so the bigger girls can't pick on them, but he...
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    Did you get any new books for Christmas?

    I got Out Stealing Horses, not the Kindle or i-anything kind. I have real pages to turn and everything. I am getting a little older and set in my ways. Darn it! I want pages and that book smell. You can keep your new-fangled fancy-smancy no charator kindle things. I mean, geez, how do you...
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    Guess The Breed!!! Dog Edition!!!!

    Darn it, I just found this thread and I have a dog I'd love to have y'all guess, but I'm going offline and will be gone for a week. I wanna show my dog!!! here's a link to her, though. She is purebred...
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    Sometimes I get angry!

    Quote: My thought exactly! you could always starch his underwear...not that I've ever done something like that.
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    My first kids!

    Ok, since they need to be in herds - I'll take all three. They are adorable! Boys? Girls?
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