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    Hatching two batches at the same time??? Doable?

    I have had staggered hatches with good results! The first hatch didn' really impact the second hatch 1 week later.
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    Candling - Day 3?

    By day 3 your should see blood vessels and spider viens. But it takes an experienced eye to notice.
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    How long after rooster is gone will eggs be fertile?

    Yup, a rooster is definitely getting to her!!!
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    egg fertility question

    Amazing Rachel those are excellent photos! ☺☺☺
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    Day 16 ... Don't see veins... Is this normal?

    Good luck! Happy hatching!
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    Silkies, pullets or cockerels?

    The first is definetly a pullet, second maybe a roo.
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    Boys or girls please?

    All roos!
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    Incubating and development issues

    They are dead. Remove them before they explode.
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    Can I mix oldish chicks and young ones

    I would give the day olds a few days to get mobile, then introduce them.
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    Are these eggs developing?

    Lays cande from the fate end where the air sacred is. It makes it easier to see what's inside the egg.
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    Current eggs are at day 12. Can I add more eggs?

    Go ahead. I have had staggered hatches and no problems! I even forgot to raise the humidty and they still hatched!
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    Does my hens eggs look fertile?

    Congrads! Your eggs look fertile!!! ☺
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    Does my hens eggs look fertile?

    Those eggs are infertile. Wait a few more weeks, he must be either a very young or shy roo.
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    My Silkie Eggs are here! Any suggestions?

    You can put them into the incubator and not turn them for a day, does the same thing. You are aware that the hatch is much lower with shipped eggs. Fertiliy may be good, just keep an eye things on the last few days of incubation. Best of luck!
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    FAULTY INCUBATOR, all eggs are dead :'(

    Go with a Hovabator 1588 with fan. They are cheap and work well. I have had mine for 8 years, still works like a charm! Perfect temp every time!
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