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    Duck pen smell!

    Hello, I have my duck pen on cement with a thick layer of straw. When it gets wet, it gets this strong swamp like smell and it can be bad. Does anyone know a way to help this? Maybe something different than straw? Do coop deodorizers really work? Thanks!
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    Can ducks have Herbs?

    I found these at Tractor Supply.. Are they safe/healthy for ducks? The bag says so, but I just want to make sure this isn't something junky for them that they are better off not eating..
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    Hawks- Please help

    My ducks were out free ranging with me this afternoon, and I was literally sitting 3 feet away from them scrolling through my phone when a hawk swooped down so fast. All 4 of my ducks scattered towards me and were trembling. The hawk pulled feathers out from one of them, but luckily that was all...
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    What kind of duck is this?

    She is a Blue Swedish! they are such an amazing breed to have. I have 2! :)
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    Ducken: Boy? Girl? Help!

    sounds female to me! its quacking.. males don't quack they rasp
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    Is my duck’s breathing normal?

    sure i will get a video and do that thanks
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    Is my duck’s breathing normal?

    So my 1 year old female black Swedish duck has always seemed to breathe heavy as long as I could remember.. I didn’t think anything of it because she has always done it. But scrolling online last night I read that when I duck breathes and their tail bobs up and down and could mean that have a...
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    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

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    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

    thanks for the info!
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    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

    thank you!
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    Can ducks eat scratch grain?

    Can ducks eat this? If so, what is the purpose? There are sunflower seeds in it, is that safe for ducks? I'm looking for something new to expand my duck's diet to give them something different along with their usual crumble feed! :) thanks...
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    Runner duckling laying down a lot

    Do her legs shake at all while standing or before laying down? Because my runner duck's legs shook like crazy for about 2 weeks when she was 3-4 weeks old. I read that their bodies grow so fast that their legs don't catch up as fast so they have trouble supporting their body.. and it seems to be...
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    Pea Nutrional Value

    my female duck Ty, gets peas every night before bed. She knows around the time she gets them and she starts pacing and staring at anyone who walks by to see if they have her blue "pea cup" hahaha :) they are her favorite.
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    Ducklings are getting so big / update & pics

    hahahaha, it will be bitter sweet when they go outside, for sure! And thank you!
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    Ducklings are getting so big / update & pics

    These are my two ducklings, Paige and Ethel. They will be 5 weeks old on Monday already! Time flies.. They are getting closer and closer to being able to live outside.. :celebrate Update on Ethel (runner) : Ethel's legs had been shaking and trembling for about 2 weeks straight, she couldn't...
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