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    Ran out if Feed PLEASE HELP!!!

    Nah, just feed them some corn and scramble eggs. Well don't give them lots of corn because it counts as a treat. Only use corn when you dont have chick starter. K?
  2. chickenaskquestion

    Dropped fertile egg very close to hatch date... HELP!

    Easy solution : Just take a wet old soft paintbrush and cover water on the memebranes. Try not do damage then and do not add to much water. Do this every 20 minutes.
  3. chickenaskquestion

    Poop looks like light pink yoghurt, egg issues

    Umm why don't you just like skype call a vet? I'm very very sorry that I don't have a solution to this.
  4. chickenaskquestion

    The Mystery of the White Egg

    Interesting chicken conversation.. The breed of chickens you have aren't supposed to have white eggs. Maybe they aren't even the breed you said it was.
  5. chickenaskquestion

    Chicken or Bird?

    incubator.exe has stopped working. Oh great. Now I cant incubate my eggs because there is a problem with my incubator. Something is missing or damaged.
  6. chickenaskquestion

    3 week old BCM, can you tell the sex?

    What, why do they kill males? If they kill males the sperm cant fertilize eggs tho.
  7. chickenaskquestion

    This duck refuses to lay eggs!

    Unfortunatley, some ducks cannot lay eggs. They lay a few eggs then just stop. Oh by the way you got some very beautiful ducks there. Can you tell the breed?
  8. chickenaskquestion


    TRY TO DO THIS QUICK!! Put her in a warm place, not warm enough to harm her. Give here water based foods like cucumber or melon, if that does not work try to blend vegetables and mix them with water. And the most important thing, DO NOT KEEP HERE WITH OTHER CHICKENS!! Keeping her with other...
  9. chickenaskquestion

    3 week old BCM, can you tell the sex?

    Oh and try to keep the same hens looking after because some hens or rooster might kill it. So try to make the same hens looking after it. Oh and the reason I was asking not to kill it is because in hatcheries employee's just let the female chicks go and kill the males for no reason. Like I think...
  10. chickenaskquestion

    I'm so sad.

    I tried doing that once but when I got a rooster and a hen the chickens got so much anxiety. The reason they got anxiety is because the chicken was thinking " Oh no I am going to get killed and eaten help!" But I was not going to eat it. I was just trying to like make it lay a egg. And I'm going...
  11. chickenaskquestion

    3 week old BCM, can you tell the sex?

    I see... I see... I see a male chicken. But just because it's a male dont kill it like other people do. All chickens have a purpose in this world. Oh by the way your chicken looks very beautiful. Don't recognize him as a pet recognize him as family.
  12. chickenaskquestion

    I'm so sad.

    Well the eggs were brought from a hatchery with random people who probably didnt know the parents, and the parents are probably eaten by some people because when a chicken gets fully grown or is staying alive for a long time I dont know why but the workers slaughter them... And I don't think I...
  13. chickenaskquestion

    I'm so sad.

    So since my eggs turned balut, I decided to crack it open. So It was very sad it died because when I cracked it open it had white fur. And in my country white fur chickens are rare and mostly there are red fur chickens. Here's a image. It was a suprisingly very well developed chicken. It will...
  14. chickenaskquestion

    Silkies with Bumblefoot

    I was saying if they get weak and cant move then putting them in the incubator. Not now.
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