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    Swan Advice?

    Hello! This will have to start with some context... Our neighborhood hosts two large ponds, one with property owned by my family. About twenty years ago, the neighbor who owned the other pond bought and hand-raised a breeding pair of pinioned trumpeter cygnets. As adult swans, they stayed at the...
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    My Hatch Date Dilemma (First Time Hatching)

    The first chick hatched Friday. On Saturday, two chicks passed away in their eggs, but three more hatched. Today is Sunday, the eggs have had two full days to hatch. I've been feeding them chick feed and giving them some water in their nest box, but I'll have to move them so they'll have...
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    My Hatch Date Dilemma (First Time Hatching)

    Two are starting to crack with chicks!
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    My Hatch Date Dilemma (First Time Hatching)

    I got 24 hatching eggs from a friend of ours on July 16. All they told me is that they were not incubated for a couple days before she sent them here by car. None came broken, they all looked pretty nice. Since I don't have an incubator, I sat them under my broody hen. Now, only 17 eggs remain...
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    Coop+Run Capacity

    I have a run that is about 1,370 square feet and a coop that is 99 square feet. How many chickens could this comfortably fit? I don't want to overcrowd anything. Currently I have 2 rabbits, 6 ducks, and 11 standard size hens. Tomorrow, I'll be getting a silkie bantam. Could this pen setup fit...
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    Sudden Red Bump on Rabbit Leg (I'm New to Rabbits!)

    Today when I saw it, it looked like it was draining pus (It wasn't doing that yesterday) As I tried to hold him still, I must've flaked the scab off on accident on my finger. There was no more bump. (top part, external) (bottom part, internal) It didn't bleed, and I didn't see anymore pus come...
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    Sudden Red Bump on Rabbit Leg (I'm New to Rabbits!)

    Hello! I have a 2 year old male Mini Rex rabbit who lives in a large run outdoors with his brother and some poultry. Both of them are hardly tame, but as he was walking I noticed a red bump on top of his fur on the underside of his hind leg. I eventually got him and tried to hold him still, and...
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    Are Drakes Aggressive?

    Hello! I adopted a trio of 7-week-old ducklings a few weeks back from an acquaintance's grandson after the family didn't want them/lost interest in them (impulse buy for Easter.) All I know is two of them are Cayuga and one is a Pekin. I've had suspicions about one of the cayuga ducks being a...
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    Kylo Hen or Kylo Roo?

    From first glance, it looks like a hen to me. Feed stores usually mark if they are pullets or unsexed. I believe tractor supply does it as well. Do you remember if they specified?
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    Broody Hen with Featherless Stomach

    Hello! I've noticed one of my Jersey Giants has become broody, and spends a lot of her time in the nesting boxes. I didn't notice this yesterday, and I did collect eggs from underneath her before, but when I did today she didn't feel right. I pulled her out and flipped her on her back to reveal...
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    How to fix chicken for Necropsy?

    Hello. I had a easter egger die suddenly yesterday with no clear indications of symptoms leading up to it. I've heard it could be Sudden Death Chicken Syndrome, which leads me to want to know what happened still. I collected her last night, around 7:30, and I found some people that could look at...
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    Suddenly Dead Chicken?

    After further research, it appears she might've had Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome. I'll investigate more...
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    Suddenly Dead Chicken?

    Thank you. I'm just very confused about all this. I've had a duck pass away before, but there were clear indications that she wasn't doing well. How old was Stella?
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    Suddenly Dead Chicken?

    Hello. Moments ago I came into my barn and found a dead easter egger. She was lying on her side under my rabbit hutch when I found her, no gore or clear indication of death. It just looks like she crawled under there and passed away. She's fairly young; I got her last March or so. She was laying...
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