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    What takes Blu Kote off of skin?

    I was doctoring a hens sore toe and got blue wound dressing on my hand. Is there anthing that will take it off in a hurry? My dh and I are going out for dinner tonight.
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    Going to have to Cull One of my RIR's

    Poor Baby! I don't blame you for wanting to put her out of her misery. What is your rooster to hen ratio? Are all of your chickens RIRs?
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    Spoiled chicken

    Can my chickens come over to play?
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    One of my girls passed away

    So sorry about your girl. I have lost 2 this winter. The rest are doing fine.
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    Make sure you exercise your right

    Arrived at the polling place at 6am. There was already a line. One hour exactly! Got to see neighbors and chat. Enjoyable hour.
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    Total bummmerrr, total egg bummer, Egg free life =(

    Several weeks ago my daughter who has had bad allergies for years finally got tested to see what exactly she was allergic to. They tried the pain free scratch test but it didn't work too well, and they had to draw blood. My poor daughter was stuck 5 times before they got any, but she got a lolly...
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    Solving a Hawk Problem

    Hey, you guys need to lighten up a little! I have had several close calls this year with hawks- they're everywhere! I put up deer netting because one nearly flew into my coop. That being said- to each his own. It is not like rainman or jed1154 are out hunting hawks, or trying to sell their...
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    Skunk beat up by Rooster! Other rooster faints! Nugget meets ice.....

    Can we see Blue too? Please, please, please! That way we can picture the event even better.
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    Should I COOK her? Need your thoughts.......

    God may have put Rhodee here to teach you patience, or maybe to provide you with a nice Sunday dinner! I have only culled one of my chickens- I raised him from a day old chick. He was very mean to people and very rough with the hens- even then I had a hard time killing him.
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    Ugh.. my beautiful Rusty is Molting!

    My coop is so full of feathers right now it looks like the chooks have been having pillow fights!!
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    Can't wait! Do you think we can get the by Christmas? I love the BYC shirt I bought last year it is sooo comfy!
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    How long do chickens molt??

    My chickens are molting and look pretty scraggly. Some of them have patches of new feathers coming in, some of them have bald spots, and some are just losing feathers here and there. Questions: 1. How long do they molt? 2. Is there something I should do to boost their nutrition during molt...
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    Thinking of expaning the flock

    Buckeyedave, how many hens are you parting with? I will be in Columbus Nov. 1-2, and may be interested. Is Minster anywhere near there? How much do you want for them?
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    A little too soon for me to tell. When they are standing are they all the same size? My roo had larger, longer legs than my pullets.
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    Pop door questions?

    Where do you live? If its really cold there, you may want a smaller door for the chickens to keep it a bit warmer in the coop. I don't have a pop door yet, but hopefully will before the snow.
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