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    BIG egg!

    Check out my big egg. It was a double egger!! The first one was soft shelled and this one was soft in spots but remained in tact.
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    I have an OVER-ACHEIVING Chicken!

    Check out my over-achiever's egg... It was a double egger!!
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    Lol, yes, an overachiever is right! Here is the link to the video of me cracking it open!! Thanks everyone for being crazy chicken people like myself! My husband thinks I'm nuts, lol!!
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    @6little chicks- Yes! There was a yolk and the inner egg. We also cracked open the inner egg and it had one yolk. The video is 92% done. It has been going ALL night! It is only 1:35 minutes but it got recorded in HD because I used my big camera. I usually just use my point and click for...
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    It was in fact a double egger! I am uploading a video right now on YouTube but I have satellite so my internet is VERY slow. I will share the link as soon as it is done. Here is a picture of the egg on the scale, it weighed 6.35 ounces without the dime, and one with the outer shell and the...
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    I feel the same way, poor girl!!! I'll try to upload video tomorrow!! :o) Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    My hand is 6.5 inches long, base of palm to tip of middle finger. Yes, I have had soft shelled eggs before too and some big double yolkers, but NEVER double eggers! Can't wait to get the weight of this egg (my friend borrowed my kitchen scale) and find out if there is an egg inside of it...
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    Holy cow! An egg inside an egg!

    Ok, so my youngest chickens (hatched in March 2012) had been laying regularly and then kind of stopped. I think they might have gotten sick, perhaps IB? They have a rattly sounding cough and are kind of hoarse when they try talking. My chickens got sick last year, and after all the research I...
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    The quest to hatch the cracked or dented egg -- does it EVER work?

    Hey- just found this thread. I wanted to know if neosporin and bandaid worked? Any other successful techniques?
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    What kind of chicken is this?

    This is my friend's rooster. His legs are whitish with a slight yellowish tinge. I will see if we can get a better side shot of him standing.
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    Puffy Cheeked Ameraucana

    I just love how different Ameraucanas can look. Some have cheeks that are puffier than others and all lay wonderful Easter colored eggs. This is one of my hens. She is very sort of a loner in my flock and always curious as to what I am up to. Every morning she joins me in the milk shed when...
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    Comment by 'hurleygirlie05' in article 'Chicken Shoes'

    Thank you!! I had to set the timer to get it. :o)
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    Chicken Shoes

    So I did a 30 Day Photography Challenge last year. I did it with my teaching partner and we had so much fun we decided to do a Spring one. Each day, for 30 days, there is a different topic which you are supposed to photograph. Today's challenge was shoes. I decided to take a picture of my...
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